4 powerful tips for creating before the event buzz

Getting the word out that you have an event coming can be challenging. Even though you have all the possibilities to market your event, a comprehensive and interactive mobile event app could help you to find the right crowd for your event. These following strategies and tools help you to create the event buzz and attract the right attendees for it.

1) Be really out there

Make sure that the conversation buzzes where it should and your event appears in more and more places, like search engines and in the mobile event app. With an event interaction and networking app like Worksup, people can follow the agenda and all the details about the event. Also, in the Worksup event app participants can contact event organisers anonymously and ask directly questions about the event. Show your audience that you are really out there and you are reachable from multiple platforms.

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2) Choose an Event ID what everyone will remember 

In the Worksup event app, all the attendees can access the app without an email, so they can sign in by just entering the EVENT ID. Thus, save the hustle and keep it short and memorable. Why? Getting the event ID and hashtag right is also crucial for stirring attendees’ online conversations and interactions. The EVENT ID allows the event audience to stay connected before, during and after the event. So, which one to chose? You can see simple examples of the EVENT ID’s here (these names are made short from the event’s name):

You can enter from here:  https://app.worksup.com/

Password, Event ID: PASSWORD2018

Security Summit, Event ID: SUMMIT18

Manufuture, Event ID: MANU17

Esha, Event ID: ESHA18

3) Involve your audience in the event management process

Why not to make your participants to feel that they can be part of the event organising process. Audience engagement and networking platforms such as Worksup interactive mobile event app allows you to create the pre-event live poll, share it with your audience and let them vote or give suggestions on the topics and speakers that they want to hear.

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4) Give your guests chance to network

There are basically two reasons why people attend events – getting new innovative ideas and networking. Help the attendees to start getting to know people before the event and boost the excitement. Luckily, Worksup event networking app offers all these features all in one, meaning your attendees can see the agenda, ask questions, solve tasks and above all network with other attendees in the same app. 

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