4 Ways Virtual Events Surpass Traditional

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Not a secret, that most event organizers are more used to work with traditional rather than virtual events. When it comes to online organization, it’s often unclear what value and advantages there are compared to the traditional approach. The article reveals a hidden gem of virtual events that will help you to create a brighter experience for participants.  

  1. It’s time for global stars 

    Organizing a virtual event, use its advantages to the fullest: instead of calling good old local speakers, start thinking wider and remind what professionals globally you’ve always dreamed to cooperate with. Use the power of networking, and introductions to invite them to your event. To increase the chances of getting great speakers onboard, briefly explain your ultimate event goal. In order to create an emotional connection with the whole organizational process prove that you’re working on something special, not just “the next trivial event”. Virtual events also present an opportunity to onboard superstars with much less fee compared to traditional events.

  1. More efficient networking 

    We can’t live without communication and traditional events have always been a playground to find new fellows. Luckily, nowadays technologies allow not only to listen to a speaker but also to connect with other attendees. For example, Worksup’s networking feature allows participants to write messages to each other, set up appointments, or make video calls during a virtual event.

    For many, it is an even more comfortable way of contacting new people compared to face-to-face encounters at traditional events. After choosing a platform, investigate how all stakeholders can communicate through the technology you chose. Next, provide guidance on how to use it or make sure the moderator will clear it up.

  1. Different but special atmosphere 

    A lot of people are missing a traditional conference vibe and atmosphere. The truth is, virtual events shouldn’t compete, as long as they can create a different, even more unique experience. Just add some fantasy, generate different activities, and try to see your event with the eyes of an attendee: do you like what you see? Would you recommend this event to your friend next time?

    At Worksup, we help event organizers to make atmospheric conferences with tools like online tasks or virtual expo. So that every participant can find something “wow” that they would want to share on Facebook right this day.    

  1. Extended audience circle 

     With virtual events, it seems to be way easier to attract a bigger audience as now you can advertise an event even outside of your region. It’s mostly true, but keep in mind, the possibility to engage more people provides as many opportunities as challenges.

    Going global, be ready for a bigger competition, using different marketing approaches, and putting even more effort to stay visible. Advertising events in the international arena is not the quickest task to do, but following a well-prepared marketing strategy will help to make your message seen.  

    There are hundreds of ways to stand out doing virtual events. Every company could find its own approach to open the potential. If you’re not sure how to do deal with it, book a free consultation with a Worksup expert below:    

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