5 dangerous interaction mistakes and quick fixes

Despite your best intentions, each of us have done probably one or two mistakes regarding audience interaction when organising interactive events. Here are some of the common mistakes we as event managers have spotted while organising or attending the event. 

Busy schedule

More speakers on the line-up doesn’t necessarily mean more value for your attendees. Attendees get drained after two to three sessions, especially when there is no dedicated time for interaction.


To know who and how many speakers your audience prefers, we recommend to use interaction and networking app Worksup. With Worksup event app you can easily send a live poll to your participants before the event and get their preferences to design an optimal agenda.

No time for interaction

This is probably the most deadly mistake of all. Getting people to only passively listen to a series of presentations can get dull. And a five-minute Q&A session at the end will probably not fix it.


In order to create a meaningful interaction, there are three main elements that help you improve interaction:

  • Firstly, equip your moderator with live interaction technology like  Worksup, which allows them to crowd-source audience questions.
  • Secondly, prepare some sponsor games for your audience. For this, you can easily use tasks in the event app Worksup. 
  • Thirdly, co-work with the speakers, and recommend them to include simple tasks to their presentations. Audience can solve these during the presentation. 

interaction app, networking app, interaction, event appInteraction app Worksup

Too long sessions

The research says that humans are able to pay attention for a maximum of 10 to 14  minutes before we start losing focus. You can bring top speakers from all over the world, but if there is no change in the delivery, our thoughts will most likely drift away and we start thinking when we should pick up our kids or what are we going to do for dinner.


For instance, Worksup interaction app was used for the Estonian Presidency conferences, which is an excellent example of how to leverage the sequence of various session formats in order to keep people engaged. Each block was no more than 15 to 30 minutes long and consisted of a series of interactive presentations and Q&A session. 

Q&A questions app  Worksup

Space arrangements

Traditional theater setups hardly inspire interaction. On top of that, they often remind us of our school days when we hesitated to ask questions for fear of looking stupid.


Offer your attendees creative environments for group work, interesting areas for networking and design solutions for different formats. For instance, our own event series called EXEX  the space is always arranged in a way that people can network and do group work. 

EXEX event in Riga with Worksup event app

Short breaks: no time to meet and greet

From our long event organising experience, we can say that people love networking breaks and occasional cake or coffee. Unfortunately, a lot of conferences leave it out, which is actually one of the main reasons people are attending. 


Use an event networking app like Worksup. For instance, during the LifeHAX event in Romania, almost every participant used networking feature in the Worksup event app, which definitely  indicates that people are interested in tools what can make interaction more flexible. With Worksup they can set up simple profile, browse others according to their interests and set up meetings.

LifeHax in Rumenia with Worksup event app, live polling

Great your event

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