New: messaging options, new languages, feedback popup, and more

New features

Find information about the latest features released on Worksup.

1. Direct messaging options

At the events where you wish to foster networking, the “chat request” step can be turned off and attendees can start chatting instantly, without confirming chat requests. On the other hand, at the events where you wish to leave your participants with more privacy, we recommend turning “chat request” on. Choose the desired setting in admin Controls

2. Share virtual meeting link at ease 

Event organizers can share links to different elements of the agenda: a specific talk, discussion, meeting, or demo. It allows event organizers to send links to virtual meetings through email, social media, or any other network to attract a bigger audience to certain aspects of the event. Contact us to request the feature. 

3. Matchmaking options

Worksup features an efficient matchmaking tool that brings attendees together based on their interests. Participants can find like-minded guests from the list and propose meetings or start chatting with them. It is also possible to turn the interest-based matchmaking off in admin Controls

4. Mark answered comments

In the admin Q&A section, organizers can see a checkmark button under each comment/question asked. Clicking on it, an attendee’s comment will be marked as “answered” which will be also visible for the audience on the agenda’s Q&A in real-time. At events with a lot of active attendees, this helps to organize Q&A sessions.

5. Finnish and Latvian translations

Organizers can set up Worksup in two more languages – Finnish and Latvian. Other available languages include English (default), Italian, Estonian, and Russian. The settings can be changed in the admin Controls section.

6. Email notifications

Now, if attendees have unread messages, we make sure that they know it by sending out a personalized email. This letter contains direct links for each chat so that the attendees can easily continue where they left off. The feature is available for events with email check-in gates only. 

7. Learn how the audience enjoyed your event 

You can set an automatic feedback popup that will be displayed on Worksup 30 min after the event ends. The form will be only shown once and can be closed with a click. Contact us to get the feature.

Worksup Launches Webinar Solution for Virtual Meetings

virtual meeting on worksup

Worksup, a virtual event platform with expert support, announced the launch of Worksup Webinar. It includes all of the features you need to organise a successful virtual meeting within a small budget: from custom design to networking and interactive audience Q&A.

Worksup CEO, Endrik Randoja: “Worksup Webinar helps to organize DIY events that work like Zoom, Teams or Meet meetings but have professional look and more tools. E.g. networking and matchmaking module, design features, polls, Q&A, etc. So compared to video meeting solutions it is a much more event-like experience and on the other hand much more cost-efficient compared to full-stack platforms.”


Worksup Webinar is aimed to provide the most essential tools for virtual meetings organisation. It includes all must-have features to organise an event online:

  • Virtual meeting tool
  • Designed interface
  • Event agenda
  • Q&A and polls
  • Participants networking
  • Screen recording

Let’s take a closer look into what the Webinar features are about. 

Virtual meeting

With the virtual meeting tool, you can have two-way communication between the speaker and participants. Speakers can present slides or share their own screen. Up to 100 participants can take part in a virtual meeting and up to 12 can be simultaneously present with their cams.

Designed interface

With Worksup Webinar, you can brand your event in a corporate style: choose a specific interface colour, add your company’s logo or define a unique event access keyword to stand out from other events. 

Virtual event with a custom design interface on Worksup
Virtual event with a custom design interface on Worksup

Event agenda

With online agenda, you can present speakers, describe their topics, upload slides, and more. Inserting and changing the agenda is simple. 

agenda view on Worksup
Agenda desktop view on Worksup

Q&A and polls

To connect with your online audience during events use Q&A and polls interactivities. With Q&A, participants can interact with speakers and ask questions that others can upvote. Participants can then see the poll results directly from the app.

Q&A section with asked questions list
Q&A section with asked questions list

Participants networking

To connect with each other, Webinar provides participants a virtual networking feature. you can browse the list of participants, connect and chat with text or make a video call within the platform. Based on interests Worksup matchmaking tool helps the audience to find like-minders, partners, or new clients.

participants matchmaking
participants matchmaking


The recording included in the package is a great way to capture the virtual or hybrid meeting you’re running. It provides an opportunity to save the event for later review or analyse presentation afterwards, if you’re one of the speakers. Currently the recording is based on the screen recording technology.

Who can benefit from Webinar?

Webinar is a perfect solution for events up to 100 participants and to organisations that want to differentiate from zoom meetings and add flair and features to their event.

  • Trainings
  • Seminars (internal, external)
  • Coaching sessions
  • Product demos


The price for one webinar with up to 100 simultaneous participants is 400 EUR (excl. VAT).

How to access the plan?

To get the Webinar, simply contact the Worksup team by filling the brief form here

Introducing Quizzes, e-ID Check-in, Highlighted Media, and more new features

worksup mobile app

In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through some of the key features that were released this month. From big reveals to small improvements, read on for what you need to know. 

Several virtual meeting hosts

You can assign someone as a meeting host and provide them access to a virtual meeting moderation. Add as many event hosts as you need. You can easily do it by inserting one’s email address in the Media library host access list. Make sure that the assigned users have verified their emails on Worksup. Attendees with the provided host access join the call automatically with elevated permissions. 

Seamlessly show poll results to attendees

After completing any poll task during events, participants can instantly see the results on their devices. In addition to the informative goal, real-time task results help event organizers let their online audience feel more connected during virtual events.

How to set it up? 

In the admin Agenda section, an event organizer needs to choose Tasks, select a concrete task and click on the “Reveal answers” button at the end. 

e-ID Check-in

e-ID check-in reduces the risk of getting an unwelcome audience and makes the entry to your events even more secure.

How does it work?

After an event organizer uploads PIDs of certain persons, the selected attendees can enter the event with their Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, ID-card, BankID, etc.

For which events it’s best suited? 

The high degree of security on check-in will ensure that events like stakeholders meetings, executive meetings, or other high-level events will have intended guests only.

Supported countries

The feature is available for events in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

Track time attendee spent watching an event stream

Event organizers can get even more precise analytic about how much time attendees spent watching an event stream (had the stream tab open). 

The analytics helps organizers to understand how engaging and interesting a particular virtual event was and use this knowledge to plan future events. 

To get the views statistic, ask for the generated report Worksup support after the event.

Highlighted media attachments 

If you want to improve the visibility of the attached media and get a higher open rate, you can highlight the media attachment. The media will start blinking at a certain time and attract more views from the online audience. To get the feature, contact Worksup support, provide the element you want to highlight, and choose a concrete start and end time for it.  

Redirect users to a certain webpage with a pushed popup

Whenever you need online attendees to visit a certain website during an event, now in addition to telling the site/company name, you can use push notification. The “Event organizer wants you to open this link” popup will occur at a set time and the user will have an option either to open the link or dismiss the notification. 

How to set it up?

  1. Open Media section in the admin
  2. Click on Attach media and choose the link you want users to be redirected to
  3. After saving, you will see a Push media button near the hyperlink, click on it whenever you want the popup to occur 

Using a pushed media popup, you will increase the chances that the desired media will be reviewed by participants, as it takes less effort and saves time by cutting online search. 

Interactive quiz

Marking poll as a quiz, you can now define a correct answer and view participants’ replies as rankings. Ask puzzling questions and see winners! 

How to set it up?

  1. In admin, under the Agenda section go to Tasks
  2. Turn the quiz on 
  3. Create a question and possible answers
  4. With a star, define the correct answer (can be several) 
  5. Choose when to publish the task 

Virtual Meeting is Live on Worksup

virtual meeting

We’re happy to announce that the virtual meeting is live on Worksup. A virtual meeting is a live video chat between multiple people, with no travel and no need for everyone to be in the same room — which can save you time and money. Here’s how to set one up. In this article, you can learn what possibilities does it open for event organisers and how to use it. 


What is a virtual meeting? 

virtual meeting in action

A virtual meeting is a video conferencing tool within the platform enabling two-way communication between speakers and participants. It enables you to host different types of events such as webinars, conference plenary sessions, break out rooms, round tables, meetups, workshops, training, demos etc. Speakers can present slides or share their own screen with other participants. You can use Q&A and Tasks within the platform to activate the audience. The Speaker or host of the session can enable participants to jump into the discussion with their video and sound. 

The virtual meeting also allows participants to gather in smaller groups during events. They could jump on a separate discussion of the speeches, their businesses or any other topic. You can set up a virtual meeting for an event day, for a parallel session or for a single speaking slot or panel discussion. It is also an efficient tool for supporter or partner demos or sharing their other messages. 

How to set up the virtual meeting on Worksup?

To enable the feature, follow the instruction:

  1. Sign in to your Worksup profile (register here if you don’t have an account yet)
  2. Go to Media and click Attach media
  3. Select Video Meeting
  4. Choose the meeting time and click Add

virtual meeting settings


How to set up virtual meeting

You can make a restricted entrance to the event by clicking on the checkbox. Thus, participants will be able to join the meeting only if a host lets them in. Note, after saving, this step can’t be changed in the future. 

Before setting it up please contact Worksup support for a quote.

Meeting settings 

Clicking on the meeting settings, an event organizer can choose the language, video quality and set additional rules for the meeting appearance:

  • Let participants join the meeting with the camera/microphone turned on 
  • Show the screen share button
  • Show the chat button
  • Show the people button
  • Show the leave button 
  • Show the default meeting background as opposed to your event theme colour 
  • Float the self-view to the bottom right
  • Show the recording button
  • Show top toolbar


Virtual meeting settings

When everything is set up 

After you finished the virtual meeting preparation, share the link to your event with participants. Also, explain to them how to use the tool before the event, so that attendees will be ready to interact with one another and get the most out of your event. 

How to Host Engaging Virtual Trade Show Attendees Love

attendee at a virtual trade show

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There are a number of reasons why more and more companies are choosing to host virtual trade shows. But how do you ensure your trade show attendees love the experience? Here, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you make sure your next virtual trade show is a success.


1. Choose a versatile event platform

Choosing a platform for your virtual trade show, make sure that except for the basic features such as exhibitors virtual booth info and contacts review, it enables participants to set up demos, chat or make video calls. The right tool and functionality will facilitate communication between exhibitors and attendees. And in reverse, limited functionality will reduce it, so keep an eye to pick a good one. Also, avoid too complex platforms with an extensive amount of bells and whistles that confuse the audience and make navigation harder. You can learn more about the Worksup expo feature here. It enables online visitors to easily connect with booths representatives, set up calls or meetings. 


2. Have a contextual message

Nothing fosters the communication between two sides better than shared interests. Sometimes preparing for a virtual trade show, exhibitors don’t align their offer and messages according to the audience needs and thus, feel a lack of attention. To make the messages more contextual, exhibitors may think about the challenges participants face nowadays. And from this point, they could polish the offer to match the audience needs better.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses dramatically changed the way they cooperate: from a new business model to the customer acquisition process. It brought new challenges and new opportunities, and the homework of virtual exhibitors would be to carefully discover the pains to create a spot-on message. 

3. Make the expo more visible and attractive

Learn if a platform you use allows making your partners or sponsors more visible. It’s important that it should be easy to navigate to the expo area but also you may want to think about additional visible boosters that would encourage attendees to enter the area.

attendee at a virtual trade show

As an example, at Worksup we enable event organizers to list sponsors’ or partners’ logos banner at the bottom of the agenda which is seen all event long. Clicking on a concrete logo, a participant is redirected to the company’s booth where they could discover potential cooperation opportunities with each other.

Another positive outcome is that linking the expo to the break sessions and virtual booths to particular presentations also boosts traffic.

4. Activate partners 

Partners often take a very passive role in virtual expo thinking that most of the work should be done by event organizers. But in order to have a lively and engaging expo, in addition to the more personalized message and materials, you need to encourage them to proactively contact the participants, too. Instead of waiting for the audience to approach partners by themselves, partners could review the attendees’ interests (if the platform allows to), start a conversation and make a value proposition. If connect with the right person, it will bring more fruitful outcomes at the end for all stakeholders: attendees, partners and organizer. 


5. Activate and guide participants 

Another common mistake that affects virtual trade show results is acquiring great functionality and not explaining how to use it.  In this case, no matter how cool your exhibitors are, no one will enjoy it if they don’t know how to access it. Even if something seems to be obvious for us, very often it can be seen not the same way by other people. Therefore, you may want to build a clear vision for attendees on how to access virtual expo, what possibilities it provides and how to use it. The best way would be to announce it before the event. Or if the platform functionality allows, you can even attach a quick guide on how to use it for those who missed this explanation in the beginning.  

Also, tech tools can assist with virtual trade shows in many ways. The real impact could be done when the platform and organizer combine their efforts. For that, reach out to your audience with quick announcements in-between sessions to encourage visiting the expo area. To seed interest, you can briefly describe a few companies listed, what they do or name some promotions they offer during this event. 

New Custom Features Available on Worksup

hybrid event

If you want to extend the functionality of your virtual events, Worksup offers a range of custom-based solutions – some of them you can review in the Custom field on the pricing page. Today we unveil 4 new custom features that will help our customers get more out of Worksup.


  • Chat board. A chat board is a wall where every online attendee can leave a message visible to all participants. Besides 1-to-1 meetings, conversations in group chat help you find new business connections. 
  • Notifications on important updates. Attendees can now be in sync with important updates during events as they can receive email notifications about a chat request, new messages, or meeting status updates. 
  • Quicker and easier registration. Registration becomes much easier now as Worksup has a simplified process of enabling pre-imported registration list and self-registration based event access. 
  • Single-session restriction. You can now mitigate against potential free-riders with our single session restriction feature. Worksup will block an initial session started on two different browsers or devices. How does that work? Should ticket #001 connect to the event from device A and then device B, our machinery blocks his/her session in device A.

Tell us what questions do you have or what features you’d like to have implemented at your next virtual event: contact us

New Functionality For Your Virtual Conferences

virtual conferences

If you’re running a virtual conference, there are some new features that you may want to consider adding to your platform. In this post, we’ll outline five new features that will help make your virtual conferences more effective.

  • Restricted access to agenda elements. Apply an access list not only to your whole event, but to  agenda sessions, too. 
  • Scheduled meetings. Choose a specific meeting duration for participants’ virtual networking. There are three options available:
    • No time: attendees do not have to specify start and end time
    • Fixed: an organizer can specify a fixed meeting duration, for example, 15-minute slots
    • Flexible: an organizer can specify the default meeting duration while attendees can opt to override it. 
  • Time zone conversion. Define a time zone for your agenda and attendees will always be in sync, regardless of the location. 
  • Estonian language for events interface. Now there is a language pack for Estonian available making the attendee app 100% Estonian if needed, only with a touch of a button. In custom versions, other languages are also available. 
  • Virtual attendees’ involvement during events. The improved presence-tracking algorithm allows you to get even more precise analytics about how much time your attendees spend watching the event or interacting on the platform.
  • Program in your calendar. Now, you’ll never miss interesting speakers you planned to listen to. Export the Worksup programme to any calendar app, set up reminders and follow the timing where it’s convenient for you.

To learn more about the implementation or check how any of the mentioned features works, please contact us.

5 Steps On How To Choose A Platform For Virtual Events

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There are a few things to consider when choosing the best platform for your virtual event. If you’re hosting an event, you’ll need to choose a live platform that allows you and your attendees to connect in real time. We’ve put together five steps on how to choose the best platform for your virtual events that will ensure smooth sailing as you host and promote your next event. 


1. Start with “Why?”

First of all, before making any subscriptions, ask yourself: “Why do I do this?” What do you need to achieve with this particular virtual event? Is it providing a playground for virtual networking to let participants easily chat with each other? Making an outstanding virtual expo to connect businesses with customers? Or maybe you’re supposed to make an engaging conference with lots of fun activities? No matter what type of event you’re organizing, start with a goal. It’ll become your constant reminder of the direction you need to move forward on each organizational step. 

2. Get to know your audience


event organizers planning an event

When the big goal is clear and you already know what do you need, as the next step, think about the attendees. How many of those are going to attend? Who are these people and what kind of activities they enjoy? Even small audience research will draw you a bigger picture of the expectations that might be towards the event platform, organizational level or activities during an event.  

3. Create a feature comparison table 

After you defined the goal and learnt about the audience, you put a puzzle together and got a better perception of what kind of requirements and expectations are in front of you. That said, now you should get a vision of what features set might be necessary for your event. Make a list of 4-6 platforms you’re considering and features that they provide. If you don’t want to create your own, Worksup already did it for you. As an example, review the comparison table presented below, feel free to save and use it whenever the time comes. In the comparison analysis, you can check the functionality of the platforms like Slido or Mitingu.  

comparison table of platforms for virtual events

4. Dive into it

Another important step in choosing a platform for virtual events is talking with their teammate. Even though most companies are doing their best to make the functionality clear and user-friendly, don’t miss a chance to watch a demo and learn better the angles of the product you’re going to use. For example, at Worksup, we even provide free consultations to support you with creating your first virtual events assuring high usability. This option is available for both platform newcomers and existing clients that may need any help. You can book the consultation just in a few clicks. At this stage, if you think that a platform for virtual events you’ve chosen looks good but after the talk, it doesn’t feel like this anymore, turn back to point 3 and continue the search. 

5. Try it out yourself

Congrats! You’re on the finish line and almost ready to make the right choice. The last hatch is to make sure that the platform you’ve decided to use not only looks and feels good but also works the same way. For that, leave an hour or two in your calendar for testing it. Create a cooked-up event very similar to your real one. Try every feature that you’re going to use. And of course, don’t forget about connecting the equipment of all stakeholders and testing it out on the platform as well. 

Sometimes, even an easy at the first glance task such as choosing a platform for virtual events may require a special approach and be time-consuming. But following the right plan, you’ll be delighted with the result and feedback you get at the end.

Hybrid Conference: 3 Tips To Engage Onsite And Remote Participants

hybrid conference event

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Hybrid conferences are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They provide the unique opportunity for attendees to bridge the gap between in-person and remote participants. But as most event managers know, you can’t have one without the other! We’ve pulled together some tips to help you engage your on-site participants while simultaneously cultivating a strong online presence that’s sure to benefit both your virtual and physical attendees.

1. Switch speeches with activities 

Undoubtedly, people take part in hybrid conferences to listen to other people and get new insights. Thus, if you want participants to enjoy the conference and get knowledge from it, you may want to shift speeches with something else, not to overload them with tons of information at once. 

What can you do? First, leave enough time for coffee breaks and make sure you anticipated lunch-time so participants can have some rest. You can try combining speeches with activities to keep participants’ attention. For example, to engage everyone, hold a virtual poll in-between performances. It will help to learn participants’ opinion on a matter and stir them up. Secondly, use Worksup image tasks to capture one’s emotions or get an answer with an image that you could project on a screen. Third, to activate the audience, ask open-ended questions that could give you specific insights. After that, you can visualize answers on a screen in different ways so everyone can see them. Choose a kind of interaction that suits your hybrid conference. If not sure, a Worksup expert can advise you on what to select.

2. Make a playground for business connections 

hybrid conference networking

Another critical and often missed part is virtual networking. Even though part of the attendees are onsite and can easily communicate with each other, think about the ways to connect for the virtual audience. Make sure, everyone knows how to network on the chosen platform and can invite another attendee for a meeting. 

For example, Worksup allows participants to have a chat or video call during events or set them up for the future. Also, if a conference has an expo area, they can easily approach the company’s reps online, ask them about the product or agree on a demo time.

Except for the 1-1 conversation, you can enable group chat so that participants can write messages visible for everyone and find new business connections there.

3. Same audience, same attention 

Sometimes, having part of the participants in-person, conference organizers can occasionally prioritize them over the virtual audience. It can make online participants feel like they’re simply watching a Zoom webinar, and after all, influence their impression about the hybrid conference. Even though the prices for in-person and virtual format sometimes differ, make sure that everyone is treated the same way. For instance, the online audience may find it inappropriate when a moderator or speaker constantly interacts with people sitting in a room.

hybrid conference event

Even though it’s much easier to talk to a person nearby, plan that all Q&A, random outreach and other interactions to be equally split among all participants. Make certain that all necessary information such as changes in agenda, any how-to guides or info about the next steps is clear for both sides. It also refers to the post-event followups, sending materials, feedback or thank you notes. 

Overall, organizing a hybrid conference takes a lot of efforts to please both online and offline audiences. The article presents a piece of advice that could help organizers to execute this process better and let every attendee enjoy an event to the fullest.

Benefits From A Virtual Event Solution: Enterprise Estonia Story

virtual event solution

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Holding an event is no small feat. Even the smallest, most local of gatherings require hours of preparation, dozens of people on stage and behind the scenes, and thousands of dollars in production costs. For many companies, however, “events” are now virtual products that customers can access at any time from anywhere — all without leaving their desks. With the right tools and technology, companies can now produce virtual events that are every bit as engaging and profitable as their physical counterparts.


Enterprise Estonia is a national foundation aimed to develop an Estonian economy. It provides companies with consultation services, practical training courses, and workshops. In addition, their export advisers help other companies to reach foreign markets successfully. Business events both in Estonia and in a target market are an essential part of these activities. It’s known, that physical events have been canceled globally since spring. Thus, Enterprise Estonia started to look for a virtual event solution to host in-person events to virtual. As a result of the platform research, Worksup has been chosen to enable online events with interaction and promotion tools.

a speaker at e-estonia virtual conference
Speaker at Innovating the Electronics Value Chain to Compete in a New World


Enterprise Estonia wanted to support Estonian electronics companies in attending the Electronica fair. The event was called “Innovating the Electronics Value Chain to Compete in a New World”  and it had to be hosted in Munich in 2020. However, they had to cancel the in-person event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

After that, they’ve got a challenge to find an alternative, efficient, and, most importantly, resultant virtual event solution to empower the electronics companies. Instead of becoming a part of some larger virtual event where the promoted companies could become unnoticed, Enterprise Estonia decided to organize their own well-targeted virtual event.


Together with Estonian Electronics companies, Enterprise Estonia organized a fast-paced event program. During the event, companies had a chance to pitch their solutions in a short time. Also, Meta Advisory did an excellent job onboarding the interested audience. 

Meanwhile, Worksup was responsible for the smooth event delivery, and interaction tools to involve the audience. Including networking opportunities between the participants, and a virtual expo area that showcased the electronics solutions. Although the deadlines were tight, Worksup team delivered the virtual platform well in time.

virtual expo on e-estonia event
Virtual Expo View on Worksup


The 2020 crisis has touched many businesses. At the same time, a lot of the Estonian Electronics companies experienced significant growth that year. Organizing such a high-level virtual events with excellent delivery has played a valuable role in it, for sure. Together with Worksup virtual event solution, Enterprise Estonia reached active audience involvement. 

Furthermore, the solution let the participating companies generate new business contacts and set up meetings in a virtual event format. Enterprise Estonia achieved their goal thanks to the viable content, Worksup’s event delivery support, and moreover, easy interaction between the audience and participating companies.

stage at e-estonia virtual event
Virtual Event Stage View on Worksup