How to make room for more interaction at the conference?

One of the most common feedback to conferences is that there were not enough interaction opportunities. This happens when we forget to put emphasis on the audience interaction at our event. Here are some of the common mistakes we have spotted with tips on how to fix ’em.

Loosen up the schedule

More speakers on the line-up does not necessarily add more value for your attendees. On the one hand, attendees get drained after two to three sessions and need time to straighten out. At the same time, most people attend conferences and expos to conduct business and meet possible new partners. And we need to adjust our schedules accordingly.


Plan an interactive show between sessions, e.g. during lunchtime. Better yet, invite some artists, dancers or even fitness instructors to fill the schedule every 90-120 minutes. And do not mind if most people leave the hall at that time. For those that want to relax, it will be an amazing sight to enjoy. Others can use the time for networking.

Make the sessions shorter

Research shows that people only keep their attention for 10-14  minutes before starting to lose focus. We can bring top speakers from all over the world but if the sessions are too long then our thoughts will drift away. And the audience happiness will also decrease.


Limit the monologues to 15-30 minutes and increase the time for Q&A sessions. There’s a reason TED Talks are so limited in time. This is long enough to get the essence out while the people are still able to follow. And the longer Q&A session will make the session more intimate and memorable. 

Q&A questions app  Worksup

Push for more interaction with the speakers

This is a mistake even the most senior event organisers make. They forget that people could easily listen to speakers via YouTube. And that the reason to attend conferences in person is to interact with the speakers.


There are three main elements that help you improve this and give the people what they want:

  • First, equip moderators with technology that allows them to crowd-source audience questions. Because we know that most people do not like to ask questions via the microphone. But everyone is okay to write down the questions.
  • Second, prepare some games for the audience that teach them to use the interactive tools.
  • Third, have the speakers include simple tasks to their presentations. Something that the audience could solve during the presentation. 

interaction app, networking app, interaction, event appInteraction app Worksup

Arrange the space in a better way

Traditional theatre setups hardly inspire interaction. On top of that, they often remind us of our school days when we hesitated to ask questions for fear of looking stupid.


Offer attendees creative environments and design solutions for different formats. For example, set up halls so that people would sit at round tables and make ’em work in groups. Or bring the stage in the middle of the room, seating attendees around it – making it cosier and encouraging more interaction. 

EXEX event in Riga with Worksup event app

Use User-Generated content

Nowadays, people love to create content by themselves. Still, most events have not started to use this for their benefit. Although, this could help with both broadening interactions in the audience.


A way to have participants generate content is by setting up a photo booth with props. This can help lighten the mood of the audience. By sharing pictures online, it’s possible for attendants to promote the event using the fun pictures.

Creating an official event hashtag can also have a major impact on interaction. Besides having the audience use the hashtag, the speakers can also adapt it to further network the given event. Combining hashtags with user-generated content can make a big difference when it comes to event interaction.

LifeHax in Rumenia with Worksup event app, live polling

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Effective tools and techniques for modern HR teams in 2019

HR people are constantly in search of more efficient ways and tools to make the task management and hiring process easier. The reign of emails, CV’s, spreadsheets and post job ads is probably coming to an end. Modern workshop and hiring tools won’t displace the human factor in hiring decisions but they are an essential part of the recruiting process. So, where can you find the best tools available supporting every step of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates, job posting and other management tools? Here are the best and most effective tools and techniques for modern HR and recruiting teams in 2019:

Training and selection tools


Worksup is a great tool not only for boosting interactive events and Tinder for business, but also for training and information gathering. For instance, with Worksup you can give out assignments like questionnaires, polls, picture and text tasks before and after the  training process. With an interaction app Worksup you can create pre-interview questionnaires to screen out candidates who are not a good fit before you spend time and effort in interviewing them. Also, afterwards you can easily download data for later reports and make your conclusions faster. For training features, the great thing about this is that you can give out all the questions and tasks in the same conference app, so no need to log into separate platforms, everything you need is in one place.

networking, event interaction, mobile event appWorksup event app view

Sourcing and recruitment tools


Linkedin is a great platform for sourcing talent and making more targeted searches for candidates who are interested in a particular field. Seek out the right groups and communicate with the people who share the same interests.

Linkedin app view


Meet Frank brings together employers who are looking for top professionals. Also, Meet Frank promotes possibility to find better employment opportunities for talents. This platform enables for professionals anonymously search and discuss job offers directly with a recruiter. If the talent is interested in the job, he or she can reveal his or hers identity and if their requirements match with the employer, they can easily develop further discussion on the same platform.


Now more and more employers are using Facebook for posting job adverts and sourcing candidates. This recruitment method allows you to conduct searches that include certain criteria (job titles, locations, education etc.) to reach talents who share similar interests.



Reddit is a community messaging site between candidates and recruiters, with a user base running up to hundreds of millions. Recruiters and talents can communicate directly on the site and give insights about the jobs. Also, it is a platform for those who are actively looking for a job through Reddit.


Through Meetup, recruiters come into contact with lots of professionals in a specific field. Even if you cannot attend a meetup event, an innovative recruitment technique enables to see which people are interested in a particular event and you can contact them directly from there.


Github is a popular platform among developers for working individually or collectively on projects. Being able to see the work of talented professionals gives recruiters a better idea of who can add value to their business.

Candidate management tools


Workable is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that automates and streamlines your recruiting process. It has tools to write job ads and post them to a variety of free and paid job boards. This tool helps you to store resumes, search them, move candidates across the hiring pipeline and write comments and feedback. Adding other features such as reporting or actions like, for instance, sending rejection letters, it can be one of the most useful recruiting tools for HR Managers.

Multifunctional tools


BambooHR offers a complete HRIS solution. Their onboarding function is full of useful features such as “get to know you” emails for introducing employees and preparing new hires for their first day. Including tools like applicant tracking, time-off tracking, HR reporting, electronic signatures, employee self-boarding, employee database and records, custom workflows and performance management software

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How interaction app can enhance the new learning experience in schools

We are running into the 21st century where technology is taking over every niche and corner. If we keep on teaching our children the way we taught them yesterday, we would deprive them of their tomorrow. Digital interaction tools like interactive event apps and technology are the new answer to enhance students learning and creative skills.

Digitalization examples

Estonia is named ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent e-ecosystem for their citizens. One of the example how digitalization took place in schools was the development of “e-kool” (e-school) system, which is a platform that is now used in almost every school in Estonia.This platform connects students, teachers and parents, which helps them to get access to grades and information easily. The more the era of digitalisation grows, the more it is also integrated into our educational systems. 

event app, technology, interaction app                                                                          School students

Worksup app

Worksup interaction and event networking app and offers interactive tools like live polls, text tasks and imaginative picture tasks. We believe that schools should use digital interaction tools for group work and home tasks. Researchers have stated that group projects can help students to develop a host of skills that are increasingly important in the later professional world (Caruso & Woolley, 2008; Mannix & Neale, 2005). If students are learning to collaborate together, they will be most certainly more ready for the upcoming employment years.

confernce app, event app, mobile event app


First of all, for an engagement you could use both informative and fun tasks. If you use the same old methods and tools before the Internet was born, you might lose your students attention.

“Students do not pay attention continuously for 10-20 minutes during a lecture. Instead, their attention alternates between being engaged and unengaged in ever-shortening cycles throughout the lecture segment.” (Bunce, D.M., Flens, E.A., and Neiles, K.Y. 2010).

User Experience

Thus, supporting on this research and results from the interaction app Worksup, teachers could use imaginative teaching and management strategies to enhance the development of their students’ adaptable attention processes for their interactive events.

Koidula Gymnasium comments: “We used Worksup interaction and event networking app for a school conference and it really gave our student event a new and professional look. With Worksup students could easily see the conference agenda and (anonymously) ask questions they maybe would not dare in front of everyone. Also they had a easy and quick way to give feedback and much more.”

event app, conference app   Student event in Estonia, Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium

Interactive attention tasks

For example, if your wish is to get secondary school students attention, you should think about the ways how to communicate with children whose attention is probably not the same level as it could be with grown ups. Thus, how you could do this effectively? Here are few examples how you could use Worksup interaction tools to enhance the experience.

Live polls

Before you start your class, ask them something fun and try to get them comfortable with their new learning tools.

1. Give your opinion how this subject makes you feel?
2. I want to persuade my career in this field
3. I want to escape on a small island
4. I want more information about this
5. I think we could do more practical work
6. Choose your own

Text tasks

Say one positive thing about this subject?

Later you could show one big and beautiful word cloud which describes how the majority of the class feels about the subject.

Picture tasks

Take into groups and make a fun group picture using only your eyes (cover the rest of your face with a text book or smth fun).

Now, how  you can use interaction tools to enhance better understanding on the subjects you are teaching. Another tip would be that don’t over use it, ask questions which are relevant to the subject.

Live Polls

In what areas we need artificial intelligence the most?

1. Healthcare
2. Agriculture
3. Business processes
4. Education
5. Name yourself

Text Tasks

How we can apply AI in our day-to-day lives? Describe in your own words.

Picture task 

Gather a group and draw a picture of the future AI technology in schools and share this through Worksup interaction app.


In conclusion, we can say that eventually there is no right or wrong answer. Still, if we look at the facts and how technology is evolving into our lives, it would be falling behind, if we would not use it for our benefit technology and educations could start early stages of our lives and most of all –  learning should be fun and interactive! Technology and event interaction app like Worksup could be the solution for teachers and students educational needs. Worksup  is free for Educational Institutions, thus, do not hesitate to ask us more ideas and question how you could use it in your school.

event app, mobile event app                                                                                   Word Cloud

4 Creative and Interactive Ideas for Conference Sessions

When you are an event manager, there are probably plenty of times when you have ran out of ideas while organising the same event series. To make this constant search for ideas easier, we have collected 4 creative interactive event ideas. Using these ideas will help you produce outstanding audience engagement with the content and strengthen your participants overall learning experience.

1) Picture tasks with an event app

At the UX To The Future, which was an e-government conference, held in 2018 in Estonia,  we came across a creative panel idea that quickly pulled people in and enlivened the audience. We used imaginative picture tasks through an interactive event app Worksup where people were creating different tasks, taking pictures and uploading them in the application. This kind of assignment not only made the participants think how they could solve the task but also creatively think how they will use the event app in its best way to bring out their ideas.

The participants cut out their answers from series of pre-prepared sentences. While they did this, the organizers posed the same questions to the audience through fun live polls. At the end, each team compared and commented on the results.

event app, mobile event app,

This kind of format stimulated focused thinking among the attendees. As a result, the session achieved a remarkable level of engagement with over  200 members participating at the same time. 

2) Fireside chat during the conference

Firechat chat creates a smooth conversation between two or more people which helps to make the atmosphere a lot more comfortable more engaging. This year’s event at the Esha 2018 conference, event managers used the fire chat method quite effectively, the idea was to bring out the points which needed more insights and thoughts behind the concept.

event app, conference app, mobile event appMindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani, who is the founder of Mindvalley, was talking inspiringly about how to transform education and leadership in an age of exponential technologies. Afterwards his presentation he answered various questions from the audience and moderators. Lakhiani was actually that inspired from the fireside chat, he stood up and explained passionately about the idea behind is company even more in depth.

Extra tip: If there are too many unanswered questions, write these on your event’s blog.

3) Campfire storytime

To take the interaction a step further, you could have few speakers at the same time, telling their inspirational stories in a short period of time. It creates a campfire feeling, where people tell their stories, which enables to relate to each other. This kind of storytelling is a great way to stimulate people’s learning process.

mobile event app, event app, app for events, app for conferencesEDU EXEX in Tallinn

These sessions are usually short and last about 20-30 minutes all together. One of the examples could be Education Technology EXEX 2018, where we had different schools on the stage, talking about their success stories regarding the technology usage. There were about 3-4 teachers on the stage at the same time, where everyone had a piece of story to tell.  The audience had a chance to rate each speaker and ask questions through Q&A session. Campfire sessions create an excellent place for people to learn from their peers, share experiences and build new connections.

4) Interactive quiz with a mobile event app

If your event has multiple sessions running at the same time, you can actually help the attendees choose the right sessions by running an introduction quiz or in other words – live polling. You can create a pre-event survey and let the participants guess the answers. When the answers have rolled in, you can send back the feedback. For example, in the Worksup event app, you can easily create polls in these kind of occasions and later export data and share it with your attendees.  Leverage these tips to deliver an outstanding event experience for your attendees. 

How Event Apps like Worksup can Boost Interaction for Startups?

For any organization, be it established or a start-up, networking and interaction opportunities are vital to their business opportunities. But during the event, there are most probably number of attendees, who are least bothered about the things happening and their engagement stays low. In this case, the right event apps can help you to engage your attendees effectively during the event. Direct interactions are very important and have lots of power and if you build a proper engagement strategy for your event, you can achieve your goals and increase ROI from those events.


Worksup interaction and networking app is one the conference event apps that lets your attendees enjoy the events and remain truly engaged. This event app can be used to your advantage by bringing back the attention of the attendees and connecting them with the event in deeper ways.

As a start-up ourselves, we understand how important it is to make networks with other individuals and companies and let them know about your organisation and type of work. It is an excellent way to use Worksup event networking app for various kinds of events like hackathons, conferences, launches and other events.

event apps, conference apps, event app, mobile event appMicrosoft at the Esha event

With our accomplished team of experts, we have already helped numerous companies in increasing the audience engagement and interaction during the events. The popular companies include PipedriveLifehax and even Microsoft. We are also in touch with TedX to build strong connections with the audience during the event that would take place in December 2018.

Encourage interactions 

With the help of Worksup interaction app, attendees can reach out to various people in the startup industry. Even before the event starts, you can encourage participants to create profiles, so that you can prepare and execute accordingly, thereby increasing engagement. Including to networking feature, this event app urges users to solve tasks, ask questions and share their feedback about the event. Startups are in the beginning of their journey, thus creative interaction tools can help them to realise what else they need to learn and understand more effectively to be successful in their field.

conference app, conference apps, event apps, event app, mobile event appWorksup interaction app projecting poll results

Save time, money and resources

To make the event successful, the event organization spends usually a lot of time and money in printing and materials. Not to mention the fact that, startups are busy finding money and contacts, they don’t have time to read every little detail from a separate book or leaflet. Thus, it is probably easier to offer them digital solution which is all in one. Because of this, all the information regarding the event is shared very quickly and efficiently, which makes the interaction process a lot easier.

Worksup as a conference app, is an efficient solution to increase audience engagement and networking all in one application, so if you need one, definitely contact us!

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4 powerful tips for creating before the event buzz

Getting the word out that you have an event coming can be challenging. Even though you have all the possibilities to market your event, a comprehensive and interactive mobile event app could help you to find the right crowd for your event. These following strategies and tools help you to create the event buzz and attract the right attendees for it.

1) Be really out there

Make sure that the conversation buzzes where it should and your event appears in more and more places, like search engines and in the mobile event app. With an event interaction and networking app like Worksup, people can follow the agenda and all the details about the event. Also, in the Worksup event app participants can contact event organisers anonymously and ask directly questions about the event. Show your audience that you are really out there and you are reachable from multiple platforms.

mobile event app, conference app, event app, interaction app, networking appESHA conference in Tallinn

2) Choose an Event ID what everyone will remember 

In the Worksup event app, all the attendees can access the app without an email, so they can sign in by just entering the EVENT ID. Thus, save the hustle and keep it short and memorable. Why? Getting the event ID and hashtag right is also crucial for stirring attendees’ online conversations and interactions. The EVENT ID allows the event audience to stay connected before, during and after the event. So, which one to chose? You can see simple examples of the EVENT ID’s here (these names are made short from the event’s name):

You can enter from here:

Password, Event ID: PASSWORD2018

Security Summit, Event ID: SUMMIT18

Manufuture, Event ID: MANU17

Esha, Event ID: ESHA18

3) Involve your audience in the event management process

Why not to make your participants to feel that they can be part of the event organising process. Audience engagement and networking platforms such as Worksup interactive mobile event app allows you to create the pre-event live poll, share it with your audience and let them vote or give suggestions on the topics and speakers that they want to hear.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsWord Cloud with Worksup event app

4) Give your guests chance to network

There are basically two reasons why people attend events – getting new innovative ideas and networking. Help the attendees to start getting to know people before the event and boost the excitement. Luckily, Worksup event networking app offers all these features all in one, meaning your attendees can see the agenda, ask questions, solve tasks and above all network with other attendees in the same app. 

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Are traditional conferences dead? How to create awesome interactive events in 2019?

These days attendees don’t need to go physically to a conference to hear an expert, there is more than enough content available on the Internet. So, the big questions are: What attendees actually want from the events? How you as an event manager can bring new value to the table with interactive events?

 Interaction app

Presentations are here to stay but their format should definitely improve. For example, TED has brought storytelling at the conferences to the masses. Instead talking about one topic 60 minutes, TED organisers capped the time to 18 minutes, which is more than enough time to deliver and get the idea.

Stop forcing your speakers to spend 45-60 min at the stage. They might need only 15 to 20 minutes to talk about their ideas. Rather fill in the remaining minutes with Q&A and let your presenters respond to questions that the audience actually want to hear.

For instance, TalTech Vision conference in Tallinn, is a great example where sessions were short and comprehensive enough to keep the audience interested about the topics. Balance between speech and Q&A was kept at 50/50 level. Or skip the speech all together and crowdsource the interest totally from the audience like it was done at the same event with 15 experts at the stage and audience sending in their interest by an interaction app Worksup.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, best event appsWorksup interaction app

Empowered audience

Few decades ago people did not have much opportunities to interact with the speakers or event organisers directly. There were no digital screens or smartphones helping out with the audience engagement. Today conferences are no longer about one-way content broadcast and by the year of 2019 it probably feels outdated format without any technology.

Second screen

Second screen technologies are enabling organisers to take audience engagement to a completely new level. With an event app Worksup you can use the second screen for visual results like word clouds, charts and diagrams. However, while event tech can have a transformative power on events, no tech solution can save a long presentation or a boring event on its own.  Before you decide to use any tech solution, make sure to identify event objectives and only then select the technology that will help you to achieve those goals.

mobile event app, event app, conference appQ&A guestions on two screens with Worksup

Who you know matters – all hands meeting 

Practically every feedback from the conferences we have organized, reveals two main reasons why people attend conferences – attendees want to learn new things and network with other like-minded guests.

Usually large portion of time is dedicated to delivering stimulating content but a lot less attention is devoted to help attendees to meet each other. While looking for interactive events apps make sure that they also have a networking functionality.

With the networking function in the event app Worksup, participants can openly discuss topics that are relevant to them and create social ties in the process. These sessions can be then seamlessly bridged into the networking breaks without disrupting the ongoing conversations.

networking app, networking event app, event app, mobile event appNetworking app view

Working together

You can take networking even further and give groups of attendees tasks that they can work on together. This enables them to share their views and get to know each other even better than traditional speed dating at the events. It is easy to approach interesting people afterwards if you have been in the same works group at the conference.


This article presented ways how traditional conferences are fading versus how event managers should think by the year of 2019. It also outlined a few ideas how, in order to make interactive events, redesign the outdated format and bring the change that the audience is actually craving for. There is a reason why TEDx events are popular, so why not to learn from the best. 

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Earn back what you have invested into your event app and more

Creating interactive events with an event app might cost you some, but here are top tips how you can make an event app to earn back money you have invested and probably even more.

Sponsor games

Build a fun game with an event app for the attendees about your sponsors! Let the participants compete by answering fun live poll questions in the Worksup event app – questions that are related to the topics your sponsors present at the conference. Make the questions so original that guest can’t google them but need to attend the sponsor booth for an answer. Motivate them with attractive prizes from your sponsors. This is a great chance to increase the attendance of sponsor booths and get more attention the products or services your sponsors are introducing. You can sell this opportunity to sponsors as a separate benefit or add it to your sponsor pack to rise its value.

EDU EXEX in Estonia, Tallinn

Use an event app

With Worksup interaction and networking app you can add an event or company banner to the header section. This helps to stay visible and market your sponsors brand to the target audience. Again, you can ask extra money from the sponsor who wants their logo to appear in the header section or you can use this opportunity to rise the value of your exciting sponsor packages. Furthermore, as Worksup event app enables to also play with the background colours, you can combine header banner and background colour to give the app a look of your main sponsor e.g. It is simple to add a banner and change the background colour but it might be a great value to your sponsor.

event appWorksup event app, agenda view

You can easily set up a sponsors section in Worksup mobile event app and present them in similar way you present your speakers in the agenda. One way is to create an agenda day that you rename as “meet our partners” section. There you can list your sponsors by using pictures, text and also links to outside resources.

Share live poll data

By organising live polls at the event you might be actually organising a market survey for your sponsors. Companies can use data to drive sales and make important decisions before launching a new product or service. I addition to displaying the results, with an live polling app you have an opportunity to download all the poll results as xlsx or pdf file. Organising live polls and sharing anonymous data summaries can be great value to your sponsors.

By adding a four digit price tag to any of the opportunities described above you can easily earn back of what you have invested to the event app. These opportunities are not overwhelming for your sponsors and yourself as an organiser but enable your sponsors new ways to establish themselves at your event. 

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8  features of Worksup that you could use but might have missed

1) Add multiple pictures

With an event app Worksup you can add multiple pictures to the panel discussion or any other agenda element. This is especially handy if you want your audience to know who exactly are taking part of the session, how they look like or if the person represents the brand – like Richard Branson represents Virgin company, so you can add a snap of him and his company’s logo.

interaction app, networking app, event app, conference app

2) Name your agenda days

You can name your agenda days and give specific names to the parallel tracks taking place at different times and different locations. If you leave this section blank, date is used as a name.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, best event apps

3) Add easily links

You want your audience to know more about the client’s product or service? Or promote their brand? Or share their presentation slides? You can add presentations or any other links to the agenda element like we did with Sir Richard’s bio on few picks back up.

4) Generate a Word Cloud with text tasks

With text tasks you can sum up the discussion by showing the audience the word cloud of all the answers. Showing the most popular words or phrase can easily create a wow-effect in the room.

mobile event app, event app, conference app

5) Resize charts and diagrams

Different projectors and screens have different resolution. Before the event check and if needed resize the proportions of the text.  For this, tap on the green button down on the right and choose T and optimize. Also, you can switch between bar or pie diagram from the same menu button.

mobile event app, event app, conference app, best event apps

6) Collect emails and create a poll

Events are even greater if there is a prize to win.This could add a bit of excitement for the attendees to use an interaction and networking app like Worksup.  So, you wonder how to do it with Worksup? You can create a poll or polls and ask them to add their name or email. Later if you download the results, you can use online winner picker wheel or something similar to know whose the winner. You can download the results from the admin panel.

7) Share and download 

 As an event manager you can share the event’s id  or link before the event, which gives an opportunity for the attendees to scroll the agenda, chat with an organiser and network and plan meetings. You can also download the pics of the graphs and share them with media or attendees after the event. Download pics from the green menu button or share live links to the result from the same menu.

8) Use Worksup preset icons

 If you are building an agenda and do not have any pictures or icons on your desktop, then no worries! Worksup has got you covered. Under agenda element choose “use icon” and pick an icon you like the most to visualise your agenda.