Get A Unique Functionality For Your Event

Sometimes, even a popular virtual event platform could seem not to deliver the features you need. At Worksup, we always have a solution for cases like this as every Worksup user can get the right functionality developed according to their needs.

Custom Development

Except for the features you could see on the homepage or in the Features section, Worksup provides custom features development service. Custom-developed features are features created especially for usage by attendees or organizational teams only during your event. The development can be related to both the event design or functionality change. Here are presented a few examples of what the custom-developed features can be: 

Whitelabel design 

  • Basic white-label design with header, background, colours, and fonts changed according to the clients choice
  • Advanced design where a wider variety of design features can be customized
  • Domain masking, e.g. Worksup platform can be installed to 
  • Embedding Worksup within your website


Custom access

  • Access with the personal link, participant profile will be prefilled with name and organization
  • Sending personal links to the participants
  • Access with the requirement to fill in e-mail, and then receive a personal link 
  • Access after filling in data form at the entrance, gathering the data
  • Access with the integration to Fienta registration and ticketing platform

Priority support

  • Initial set-up of Worksup for the client
  • Priority customer service

Virtual project management of your event

  • Project management
  • Scenario planning
  • Format and content consultation
  • Preparing speakers
  • Assigning and managing vendors
  • Implementing the event
  • Meetings and reports

Advanced analytics

  • Participant tracking at the virtual expo
  • Participant involvement during the program


  • Virtual expo area for your event partners, vendors, or sponsors
  • Virtual branded stand for each partner
  • Opportunity to present value proposition, presentations, movies, leaflets, etc
  • Opportunity to organize activation games for participants
  • Chance to easily contact partner representatives

Depending on the complexity of a feature, to get the desired functionality implemented, you need to contact our team in advance and describe the feature you need. 


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Annual Subscription Plan Now Available On Worksup

Worksup presents an Annual subscription plan suitable for the organization of any kind of events, as long as there are many! In the article, learn more about the plan, who can benefit from it and what advantages it provides. 

What Is The Annual Subscription Plan

Now, event organizers can buy an annual subscription for the Worksup platform. Worksup Annual subscription plan is a new pricing option that allows hosting unlimited amounts of events throughout the year. Except this, the plan includes other interactivities and features such as virtual agenda, unlimited polls, Q&A, networking, live-streaming, tasks, open-ended questions, analytics, event branding and support. Having an annual subscription, event organizers can host any form of events on the platform  – virtual, hybrid or traditional and any type of it – conference, summit, meetup or any other. The cost of the subscription is 500 EUR per month and it is billed annually in advance.   

Worksup Annual plan highlighted

For Whom 

The Annual plan is the most efficient for event planners who organize events regularly – event agencies and conference organizers. Also, the new pricing option is efficient for organizations outside of the event industry where events are planned on a regular basis. The plan allows companies to concentrate on the organizational side of event planning without distractions on operational activities.  

How To Access

You can find and review Annual and other types of plans descriptions on the Pricing page. To get any of it, click on the “Get access” button in the bottom of a particular column and fill a quick form. Shortly after that, you’ll be contacted by the support and provided the guidance.    

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Custom analytics feature now available on Worksup

The essential events statistics

During virtual events, attendees can be offered activities in addition to the actual speeches. They are invited to visit the virtual stands of event sponsors, to network with each other or solve tasks and exercises. For event organisers, it is essential to know what aspects of the created activities are popular among the audience and what is not.

For that Worksup has a standard analytics pack that consists of the number of attendees who entered the event, a number of questions posted and upvotes sent, amount of task replies, connections created between participants and chat messages exchanged. With the custom analytics pack, you as an organiser can dig further into statistics.

What analytics can event organizers access? 

As a special feature Worksup can now track the participants around the virtual platform. An organiser can learn, who was listening to what presentation and in what activities the participant got involved to. The feature will be especially interesting to the events that feature event partners, vendors or sponsors. We can provide a virtual stand owner with the statistics, who visited the stand and what features of the stand exactly. 

How to access the feature? 

To get the custom statistic after your event, contact the support. Beware that Worksup gathers the information on organisers behalf and it is organisers responsibility to agree on all privacy aspects with the participants. Worksup will not gather nur share any advanced statistics without a request from the organiser.

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Worksup Integrates With Fienta

Recently Worksup made integration with a ticketing service Fienta. Learn about the new feature and possibilities.

Summary of the feature

From now on, Worksup attendees can join your event with their personal Fienta ticket code. When they join, they will automatically claim an account which includes associated name, position and organization data of the person.

Optionally, event organizers can still allow regular entry with Worksup event ID.

No additional registration import is required. Attendees can join Worksup immediately after the Fienta registration flow is finished.

Pre-requisites and process description

To make the integration happen, you will need:

  1. Fienta API key which can be found using Fienta’s user interface from Settings > Integration
  2. Worksup event ID
  3. At minimum, email and name (or first- and surname) fields in your Fienta registration form. Optionally, we will also associate position and organization data, if available.

To connect Worksup with your Fienta event, simply let us know through our Intercom chatbot or

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Expo feature has arrived at Worksup!


Now, event organizers can create a virtual expo for their events on Worksup. Learn about prerequisites, new possibilities and how to use the expo feature in the new article.    

A turning point for expos

Business expositions have always been a valuable part of large events. Attendees and investors come to expos to find a potential partner or learn about a new disruptive product. For companies, the expo is a chance to promote one’s brand and acquire new customers. It is the ultimate space where professionals establish new business relations and close deals. When the pandemic situation began to gain momentum, most of the event industry companies were not ready to support the same level events in an online format. A big part of them is still struggling with doing so. It opened up a question of how to help event organizers transmit the same event structure, experience, and atmosphere into online. We are glad to announce that from now on, every event organizer can include a virtual expo area to any event. 



What possibilities does the expo feature provide? 

From now on, event organizers can provide a richer online events experience for attendees. “Entering” the exposition area, users can review different companies taking part in the expo and a brief introduction of what they do. Opening up any of them, users will instantly see 3 blocks of information:


– Presentation


In “About” section attendees can learn more about what does the company do, and get to know what they’re offering during the event. In this unit, companies could also announce some important news or information about brand-new products they released or plan to. Above the description, there’s an area with the company cover photo which could also include slogan and/or logo.

About section

In the “Presentation” part, one can attach an inspirational video about the company to give participants a better feeling of what the company is about. Expositors can also attach a leaflet with the main proposition outlined. Companies often liked to provide brochures during traditional events, now anyone can access it virtually too. 

And last, the Contacts section. Like during any offline event, there is always a person responsible for consulting and answering questions about their product. In an online format,  it is important to have such representative as well. Therefore, expositors can include contacts of one or several employees responsible for advising event attendees, so anyone could easily get in touch by dropping a message or even making a video call. The contacts area also includes the company website, email, and phone. It makes it very easy to get in touch with a company in a way convenient for a participant. 

Contact section

How can organizers get an online expo area? 

To enable expo for your event, please contact customer support as currently, it’s available as an extra feature.

To sum up, the new expo attribute allows exhibitors to:

Present their description, logo, and proposition 

Show up recent news about product or fresh release

Generate qualified leads through online interaction with participants 

Provide sounded video about the company, product or service

Attach leaflet or any other material about an expositors 

– Share company contacts: website, email, phone 

– Let attendees instantly contact a representative and chat or video call to learn more

At Worksup, we hope you’ll enjoy and productively use the new opportunity to the fullest. We’re sure, that the expo feature can help you to organize more successful events and enrich the experience of every stakeholder. 

If you’d love to learn how to get started with expo or how to begin organizing virtual events – schedule a free consultation with our expert.

Thank you,

Your Worksup team