Effective tools and techniques for modern HR teams in 2019

HR people are constantly in search of more efficient ways and tools to make the task management and hiring process easier. The reign of emails, CV’s, spreadsheets and post job ads is probably coming to an end. Modern workshop and hiring tools won’t displace the human factor in hiring decisions but they are an essential part of the recruiting process. So, where can you find the best tools available supporting every step of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates, job posting and other management tools? Here are the best and most effective tools and techniques for modern HR and recruiting teams in 2019:

Training and selection tools


Worksup is a great tool not only for boosting interactive events and Tinder for business, but also for training and information gathering. For instance, with Worksup you can give out assignments like questionnaires, polls, picture and text tasks before and after the  training process. With an interaction app Worksup you can create pre-interview questionnaires to screen out candidates who are not a good fit before you spend time and effort in interviewing them. Also, afterwards you can easily download data for later reports and make your conclusions faster. For training features, the great thing about this is that you can give out all the questions and tasks in the same conference app, so no need to log into separate platforms, everything you need is in one place.

networking, event interaction, mobile event appWorksup event app view

Sourcing and recruitment tools


Linkedin is a great platform for sourcing talent and making more targeted searches for candidates who are interested in a particular field. Seek out the right groups and communicate with the people who share the same interests.

Linkedin app view


Meet Frank brings together employers who are looking for top professionals. Also, Meet Frank promotes possibility to find better employment opportunities for talents. This platform enables for professionals anonymously search and discuss job offers directly with a recruiter. If the talent is interested in the job, he or she can reveal his or hers identity and if their requirements match with the employer, they can easily develop further discussion on the same platform.


Now more and more employers are using Facebook for posting job adverts and sourcing candidates. This recruitment method allows you to conduct searches that include certain criteria (job titles, locations, education etc.) to reach talents who share similar interests.



Reddit is a community messaging site between candidates and recruiters, with a user base running up to hundreds of millions. Recruiters and talents can communicate directly on the site and give insights about the jobs. Also, it is a platform for those who are actively looking for a job through Reddit.


Through Meetup, recruiters come into contact with lots of professionals in a specific field. Even if you cannot attend a meetup event, an innovative recruitment technique enables to see which people are interested in a particular event and you can contact them directly from there.


Github is a popular platform among developers for working individually or collectively on projects. Being able to see the work of talented professionals gives recruiters a better idea of who can add value to their business.

Candidate management tools


Workable is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that automates and streamlines your recruiting process. It has tools to write job ads and post them to a variety of free and paid job boards. This tool helps you to store resumes, search them, move candidates across the hiring pipeline and write comments and feedback. Adding other features such as reporting or actions like, for instance, sending rejection letters, it can be one of the most useful recruiting tools for HR Managers.

Multifunctional tools


BambooHR offers a complete HRIS solution. Their onboarding function is full of useful features such as “get to know you” emails for introducing employees and preparing new hires for their first day. Including tools like applicant tracking, time-off tracking, HR reporting, electronic signatures, employee self-boarding, employee database and records, custom workflows and performance management software

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7 Tech Tools #EventProfs Should Have for Their Events

Event tech tools like event apps or event software have become  must have tools for most of the event managers. They help to manage events more effectively, increase audience interaction and the value of your event. Event tech is no longer just a fancy word, it has become an inseparable part of event management. The cost of event apps have also dramatically decreased during last years.

We’ve come up with the list of 7 event tech tools that you should definitely try at your next event.

1) Slack – get your team organized

When your team needs to kick off a project, review an event sales contract, finalize budget, plan the next meeting, and more, Slack has you covered. Great tool for a team to be fully organised for your busy schedule full of events.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsSlack

2)  Elementor – make a simple website for your customers

Elementor is the first full free & open source frontend page builder, that includes full access to all the design features you might need. What is great, no coding is needed and you can make a website for your customers within minutes.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsElementor

3) Eventbrite – use the ultimate ticketing platform

Eventbrite is a global marketplace for live experiences and the ultimate ticketing platform. Easy way to get your attendees registered and  free as long as you don’t charge for tickets.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management apps

4) Worksup – go digital to boost interaction and networking

Worksups main focus is improving audience interaction at events. Therefore we’ve developed features like Q&A, tasks – polls, text tasks and image tasks,  which all allows you to engage your participants in real time. Also, you can brand your event, create agenda and use networking tool to find people with similar interests. 

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsWorksup app

5) Socialtables – arrange your venue

Social tables is a software that allows you to make accurate room layouts, arrange seating and manage onsite check-in. Social tables are really great at helping you visualize how your event should look like and generate new ideas for your event.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management apps


6) Livestream – expand your audience 

Live-streaming is an effective way to expand your audience and reach thousands of other people that cannot be at your event in person, but still would like to be part of it. Livestream is the ultimate solution for bringing your events live online.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsLivestream

7) Sponsor my event – find your sponsors 

Sponsors are one of the most important part of your event. Sponsormyevent is the right place where to start looking for event sponsorship – it helps to match event planners with sponsors.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsSponsor my event

LinkedIN vs “Business Tinder” networking app –  which one is better?

 Over 50 million users use Tinder as a relationship networking app, which is a good indicator of how most of the people would like to initiate new connections today. Most likely f you ask an average millennial how much they like real life networking, they probably don’t feel thrilled about it. Millennials often find it difficult, uncomfortable, and lacking confidence to do it.

LinkedIN has a limit

LinkedIn has made it possible to be able to know the person’s background, skills and history before we even say hello. However, the missing part in LinkedIn, is the ability to discover new connections in an approachable manner. LinkedIn is designed to connect with the  people that you have likely already met or talked to. Any other connection with someone you do not know can feel rather awkward, or may make the person think you will try to sell them something.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsgLinkedin app view

However, during a networking event you’re likely going to be in the situation, where you have little information about who’s in the room and why they are there. Therefore,  there’s no guarantee that they will be able to connect with someone in the industry or at a company they are seeking. So, how you can create useful connections and benefit from that for your business? 

Hello Worksup event app

As we mentioned before, people have changed, where millennials want everything as comfortable and online as possible.

Worksup is an interaction and business networking app, that takes a new approach to professional networking. Using a smart algorithm, people can find their perfect “business match” by choosing interests they seek and offer. Much like the popular dating app, Tinder,  they can see their matches and decide if they would like to connect with their match.

Worksup app, profile view

Networking during the events 

What is great about mobile event apps is that if you use it for one unique event, you most probably will get the leads you actually need. As Tinder or other “Business Tinder’s”, it can get frustrating when you don’t find your perfect match as easily as you hoped for. But if you use networking and interaction app like Worksup before, during and after the event, you probably win more than just swiping left and right with other similar apps. For example, if you are managing a network event,  then it is much easier to make people connect before the event and reconnect again during the event. 

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsWorksup event app


“Our goal at Worksup is to make networking so seamless and inspiring that it becomes a lifestyle,” says Endrik Randoja, the founder of Worksup.

Worksup event app is focused on being a professional networking app in a professional environment. Conference could give them further ideas and topics to discuss, not to mention, the chance to see each other in real life, thus, there is a bigger chance they can benefit from their meeting also after the meeting. 

Worksup’s goal is not to get your business cards into the hands of as many people as possible. Our goal is to spark mutually beneficial conversations that evolve into long-term business relationships, says Randoja. 

Why do most of the startup presentations lack “the power” and what to do about it?

Startup presentations events have became hugely popular. Startups go to events because they wish to get feedback, to find a team and to find investments. However, when they are finally in front of the audience to pitch their great ideas, most of them fail to meet their goal.

As the events are packed with people it is hard to get feedback and to meet right people. This makes attracting great ideas, talented team members and investment difficult. Interaction tools enable startups to gather real time feedback and support to back their idea. Startups can become much more proactive and can be much easier to find with a little help from technology.

Here are 4 simple ideas how event managers can do this with an audience interaction and networking event app Worksup, while at the same time, making their events more engaging and exciting also for the audience.

1) Real-time questions from the audience

With an event app Worksup you can send questions and see most upvoted questions to learn what interested the audience the most. Based on relevant questions, speaker can go into more detail and get people excited about the idea.

Worksup mobile event app used by Lifehax event in Rumenia

2) Rating startup presentations

Let everyone rate how they liked the pitch and help startups to figure out which pitch was the most interesting to them, so they can contact them later. 

3) Colorful live polling app

Before announcing the official winners, let the audience vote which startup they liked the most. You can also have votes to find the audience favorites in every category.

Worksup event app, poll view

4) Event networking

Networking breaks between or after the pitching sessions are a great chance for the presenters to meet with the potential investors or other like-minded people. With interactive mobile event app Worksup it is easy to bring together people with same interests.  

Startups come to events with great expectations. Using event interaction and networking app provides an easy tool to help startups meet their goals at the events.

Learn about more Worksup features here.

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How a startup helps introverts to become extroverts

During events, after the speaker finishes a presentation, the moderator takes over and asks the audience, “Are there any questions?” Suddenly, there is a quiet moment in the room when nobody speaks. Usually, in these particular cases, the moderator continues with ones own questions. Thus, sometimes, the lack of questions from the audience can be the biggest barrier when looking to create an audience interaction.

The story of Worksup interaction and networking app

Confent-EXEX company whose main task is to organise client conferences, saw an opportunity to develop an events interaction and networking app Worksup to bring a new era to the interaction concept. With 20 years of experience in organising events, Endrik Randoja, founder of Worksup, believes that interaction tools are an essential part of the conferences. He says that interaction tools help the audience not only to engage and learn more about the content, but also feel more confident to interact with others. Also, interaction app gives confidence to those who speak foreign language at the international conferences.

Endrik Randoja, CEO of Confent EXEX and Worksup

But this is not all, says Randoja, it is also important to think about the other areas of interaction. Thus, we have created a mobile event app which not only enables the audience to ask questions anonymously, but also provides an opportunity to solve tasks and network with other attendees.

Event organiser´s job is to encourage attendees to participate, yet it always seems to be easier said than done. So, the question that remains is, why are people often too shy to ask or answer questions or network directly with other attendees?

best-event-appsWorksup allows asking Q& A questions anonymously

Fear of public speaking 

One of the biggest fear is to be in a centre of attention and not being able to excel at performing. Back in school days, when we had to show our skills in front of the class, it was probably not the most convenient time for many. This fear might be present also in  adulthood. According to Forbes, only about 10 percent of the population enjoys public speaking, another 10 percent are absolutely terrified and about 80 percent of the people feel anxious being at centre of attention.

Mobile event app

Hence, this is a good indicator that people might need extra tools like mobile event apps for conferences to feel encouraged to interact. One of the best feedbacks for us is when we hear from our clients that Worksup mobile event app allowed them to be heard or noticed without speaking directly at first. For instance, event app Worksup also allows attendees to seek like-minded people, communicate and set up meetings before they have even met the person.


Therefore, event apps at these events has become a powerful tool for many because everybody has a chance to participate – introverts and extroverts.

Worksup as a mobile event app mission is to help people to be more interactive with others. Interaction tools are handy and standing up and speaking out in front of the crowd out is no longer the only option to get your voice heard.

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4 Ways to use event apps to get people networking

Quality networking opportunities are likely to be high on any event attendees wish list. People don’t sign up business to business conferences just to hear the speakers. They sign up for the chance to meet other attendees. Forging new business relationships can prove hugely valuable for those seeking to progress their business or career. Read on to discover the unique capabilities of  our 4 top tips how to get people networking at your event:

1) Let your attendees to know about the networking app before the event

Event interaction and business networking app Worksup lets your attendees connect before, during and after the event. Features like browsable attendee directory, matching, private messaging and meeting scheduling tools all increase the chance for attendees to network with other like-minded people. At the events where there are hundreds of guests, participants can search for and connect with people and book meetings at specific locations within your event venue.

networking app, event appNetworking during the event

2) Create networking profiles with your team

It’s common fact that people usually won’t easily try things if they haven’t seen others trying it. Worksup’s searchable directory let’s attendees quickly target other contacts, communicate with them safely and arrange meetings, all within the business networking app. Thus, to encourage people to create networking profiles, it would be great way for you and other event managers and partners to create networking profiles too. Don’t forget to add a profile photo and enter interests about what do you seek and offer.

business networking app, networking app, event app, best event app, networking, social networking, social networking appWorksup event app, networking view

3) Matching is the key

Worksup event app is in a similar format to dating app like Tinder, however, attendees do not need swiping left or right, but they can see people who they have matches based on their mutual interests. When the participant is seeking somebody particular with whom to share some ideas, Worksup shows already in the searchable directory who he or she has matches with. When a user sees the match he or she would like to network with, the next step would be to propose a meeting. The other person is notified of the connection request. Upon accepting the invitation, they may instant message each other and agree on details of the meeting.

4) Boost audience engagement and networking with a social media sharing

Worksup event app enables to share event links and graphics to social media platforms. Thus, one way to boost audience engagement is to encourage attendees to do the same. Also, why not to use your unique event ID as a hashtag under your social posts.This can be a great way to create a special hashtag for that particular event. Also, once they’ve posted using your event hashtag, it’s easy for participants to find each other also on social media and continue following on other platforms too. Not to mention, you can repost some of your attendees posts, which gives them a nice appreciation and memory from your event.


These 4 top tips would be useful to consider if you choose the networking app like event app Worksup. Events provide a unique opportunity to connect in person with influencers and peers to build personal and business relationships. However for some, networking can be overwhelming or even difficult depending on the size of the event, personality type or just finding the right people to connect with at the event. Networking apps are a great way to avoid these kind of issues

Event interaction app feature comparison

Event interaction and networking apps are getting more popular each year. Tech-savvy attendees expect to use mobile event apps at the events and conferences, to check the agenda and use various interaction tools like Q&A, tasks or networking features. Conference apps help you to deliver a personalised experience at scale, but there are many apps out there which are offering large range of features, so how do you choose the best event interaction and networking app available? Here is the list of the five event apps with 10 key functions what an event interaction app should have:

Conference breaks down usually to two essentials for participants: speakers and networking. So, the best event apps should provide mostly the opportunity to see the agenda, bookmark the sessions, read details about the speakers and network online with other like minded attendees. In the following we will explore all the features separately:


Comprehensive agenda is necessary for the participants access to the latest event schedule at their fingertips. In order to avoid agenda printouts, create the agenda easily in the app. Thus, choose an app which already has an agenda feature to avoid the hassle to use separate apps or web browsers. Three event apps out of five like MeetAppPigeonhole and Worksup have agenda features. Event apps Slido and Mentimeter do not  provide agenda function.

best event appEvent Agenda, event app Worksup


Q&A sessions helps to boost the audience engagement by displaying the top questions live during the speaker session. To organise a successful conference, it’s important that  your participants’ voices will be heard. From comparison table, all the five event and conference apps have a Q&A feature, but they don’t offer similar functions. 

For instance, with Mentimeter and MeetApp, you can’t upvote each others questions.  Event apps Worksup, Slido and Pigeonhole provide possibility to upvote the questions, which is a great opportunity for the organiser to see what questions actually matter to the audience.

best event app Q&A, Worksup

Live polls

Live polls able the participants to vote on predefined answers using their device web browser or app. Results are usually shown in real-time on the screen as a bar or pie chart. All 5 apps provide possibility to create polls but are very different visually. To be effective also on the screen, the bar or pie chart should have a resolution fit to the particular screen. For example, event app Worksup enables to modify the text size of the bar or pie diagram and create loop slides and adjust the timing.

best event appLive Polls, Worksup

Text tasks & Word cloud

Text tasks able the organiser to gather participant views with an open text. This is excellent for group work answers. To sum up the session gathered answers can be summarised with a word cloud. Word clouds are usually in the shape of the cloud, presenting the most popular words used during the session. All of the five apps named above provide  the function, although every app is in a different shape or colour. For instance, live polling app Slido and Mentimeter generate colourful clouds, Worksup, Piegonhole and Meetapp provide rather dynamic and clean look of the word cloud.

best event app, event app, conference appWord Cloud, Worksup

Image tasks

From all of the five event apps only Worksup and Mentimeter provide image tasks feature. Image tasks help the attendees to interact visually and show their creativity. For instance, with an image tasks you can allow your participants to draw a picture first and then make a photo and then send it to the application. Later organiser can share them on the screen or social media with other fans. Image tasks is one of the fun ways to break the ice between the participants. For example, Worksup event app enables to play images as a slide loop.

best event appImage tasks, Worksup


Rating ables the audience to rate the most valued presentations; a quick way of getting useful feedback.  Event apps Mentimeter and Worksup provide presentation rating possibility but there is a variety between them. For instance, with Mentimeter, audience can rate statements and topics on a scale. With an interaction app Worksup, participants can rate the speakers and topics directly in the agenda feature, which immediately gives an insight which topic and speaker is the most popular.

Rating, Worksup

Sharing & Downloading

Sharing & downloading lets you export the results from your presentation. All the named event apps above provide sharing and downloading features. With mobile event apps Slido, MeetApp and Pigeonhole, for instance, provide ability to share your presentation to social media or other integrations. Event app Mentimeter enables you to download with Excel, however, you cannot share the presentation to social media. Worksup event app enables organisers to copy and share live links with poll results, text results and word cloud or image task to social media or other platforms. Whoever gets the Worksup link can follow task results in real time. In addition, you can download and share .png graphics for an event summary, PR article or other online and offline channels.

 Share & Download, Worksup


From all of the five event apps, only MeetApp and Worksup are also the social networking apps. Participants can grow a valuable network of fellow attendees and leave your meeting with plenty of new and fascinating contacts.  In today’s world, where it matters whom you know, this feature can be considered as one of the most useful features of the conference app. In the event app Worksup the participants can build a personal profile with what are they offering and seeking in the context of particular event. This enables event app Worksup to matchmake attendees according to their interest. MeetApp provides adding your contact information, view other event participants and save new contacts to your phone.

best event app  Event networking app Worksup

Downloading the app vs Web browser

Event apps Slido, Pigeonhole, Mentimeter and Worksup do not need downloading, you can use the event app straight in your web browser. MeetApp needs to be downloaded and installed in your phone. Thus, there are two arguments on this matter. When you have frequent guests, who attend regularly at your seminars or events, it might be useful to download the app from the application store, however, much safer and quicker way is to let your attendees to save their time installing the app and use a web browser within a phone. 

Event branding  

Event branding – short term effort, but long term value. When you’re lost planning every minute detail for your event, chances are you could overlook the most important aspect of all – building a powerful brand that speaks directly to your attendees.To brand your event is to inject the personality of your company through a visual medium. Thus, this can be actually one fo the most important features of them all. From the five apps named above; MeetApp, Pigeonhole and Worksup provide event branding. With these three apps you can build brand awareness with your logo, colours and content. 

Event branding, mobile event app Worksup

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6 ways to make events more interactive and engaging with technology

Events are probably the most interactive happenings of them all, they are where people get together to network, connect with like-minded people and learn new ways to comprehend different ways of knowledge. Including an element of interactivity is certainly an engaging and fun way to add personalised touch to the event. 

Worksup’s team brainstormed 6 best ways to make event interaction more efficient and engaging for the event planners:

1) Create quizzes and questionnaires!

Help your audience to know more information about the topics and speakers by letting them ask and answer the questions before, during and after the event. Worksup event app lets you to choose and show the most interesting questions and topics, while participants can share their thoughts and likes about the questions.  Encourage your audience to be creative and give them a prize if they did a good job!

mobile event app, event app
2) Encourage voting!

Get your audience involved by creating fun live polls. Live polls are definitely one of the most fun ways to boost up the attention. Let your participants vote via Worksup application and show them results on a diagram in real time.  You can encourage them to ask  about different aspects of the evening, like speakers’ topics and graphics or let your audience rate different subjects and opinions.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management apps
3) Create a fun learning experience!

Besides live polls, questionnaires and ratings – it is always fun to learn through texts and picture tasks. Why not to gather people into groups and give them something to solve together and present results effectively in real time on screen? Give them an assignment which is fun to do and not too complicated, after all, learning is supposed to be fun!  

4) Make memories!

Why not create some souvenirs from the event and make your crowd have even more fun? You can use event app Worksup for this and can ask your guests to take pictures of themselves, with the  speakers, performers or whatever comes into mind. If your crowd is playful, provide some costumes and props to make the event more engaging and let them share. Also, why not  choose the best photo and give them a prize.

5) Communication

Enable real-time chat between attendees and organisers. Surely there are a lot of questions that your guests would like to ask and know more information about. Worksup as a powerful event interaction and networking app makes that part easier again. Encourage your audience to organise meet-ups and  to  share similar interests with other  like-minded people in the  Worksup app. 

Attendees can chat directly with  the organisers in the conference app, for instance, if your guests would like to share ideas about the event management or if they have other requests during the event. So, if they say the room is too cold or dark, you can easily solve these kind of  problems on location. Also, Worksup mobile event app enables you to share a live link if you wish to share the live results e.g. to an intranet or social network to be followed in real time.

event app, networking


6) Networking at the event

Networking is becoming more and more important for the event professionals industry. Interactive mobile event apps are already an essential tool for speakers, organisers, suppliers and attendees around the world, so choose the best one in the market. Furthermore, as mentioned above, if you enable networking feature, your guests can create profiles and organise all hands on meetings and share ideas with each other. 

event interaction, conference, conference app, business netowrking, business netowrking app
 Interactive events through networking

6 tips how to do a successful networking event

When you plan a business networking event, you are suddenly transformed into a business leader in the community. You are responsible for bringing entrepreneurs together to give advice and ideas from their experiences. Your one and only motivation as a business networking event planner is to organise an event that creates an impact on your clients. However, how can you plan a successful networking event ? Here are 6 tips on how to do it: 

1) Event topic ideas

Find out what people are most fascinated about today, so do your research and ask around, join event groups and read the latest business news.  If the topic is wide, make series of events about that one particular topic, but always bring in new ideas and speakers. 

For instance, a conference is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people. To know beforehand what are the most suitable and recommended topics to use during your event, we suggest event interaction and networking app, called Worksup. This web-based application includes an overview of each speaker and topic, as well as the possibility to carry out interactive polls, group work, tasks and Q&A before, during and after the event.

event interaction, conference, conference app, business netowrking, business netowrking appWorksup enhances networking  

2) Great venue

Make sure the venue is up-scale, easy to find, and has plenty of parking. Minimise any possible frustrations that might come from getting to the event, or you will make a bad impression of your event even before it has started. So, choose your venue wisely and make sure people have plenty of space to move around and feel comfortable.

Venue view of the event

3) Make networking more efficient with cutting edge technology

In a 2015 Benchmark Study, researchers were able to quantify how event planners are using and will use event mobile apps in the near future. The report provides an in-depth look at why 3 out of 4 planners are using event apps at their events today. Here are 3 of the key findings:

  1. Planners are realising instant cost savings with mobile apps – as much as 84% savings on printing alone.
  2. Mobile app budgets are growing, for example,  the average increase was  21% in 2015.
  3. 88% of planners say that in 2016 apps were critical to their participants’ event experiences.

You can also assume that they will use mobile event apps on their smartphones and tablets to make event planning more efficient and resolve many of the challenges they currently face. For example, Worksup interaction and networking app is also great for networking. It provides features to match with like-minded people and helps to arrange meetings all in one platform.

Worksup mobile event app, agenda view

4) Make on-site check-in quick and easy

It’s a good idea to have participants check in, because you want to be able to track how many people attended, and if you ask for their email address, you can follow up and announce future events and newsletters. Keep in mind that if someone does not want to give you their email, then let it be and stay friendly. Have plenty of pens and name tags available, and make sure the person checking participants in is friendly and professional.

5) Meet, greet and connect  

Make sure you introduce yourself to every person who attends. Welcome them, and focus on talking about what they do, not what you particularly do. Take a genuine interest in them and their business and  constantly look for opportunities to connect people who would benefit from meeting each other. If you meet a startup enthusiast, introduce him to the investor you just met. Keep track of these connections, and follow up next time you see them. Also, encourage them to use mobile event app like Worksup for connecting, because this is one way how people can connect, even the shy ones. In addition to this, you can plan a group work for attendees which will give a great opportunity to connect within their own group but also to other groups.

6) Feedback

Follow up with your participants. Ask how they liked the event, and get ideas from them about how it could be better. One way is to use Worksup for feedback and later reports analysis. So, let them rate speakers, like topics or make your attendees a feedback poll, so you would know how you would plan the next one better. If you follow this formula, you will see your events grow, and success is waiting for you at your door.

Worksup mobile event app


Networking is becoming more and more important for the event professionals industry. Traditional face-to-face networking still has a significant role for event managers, but as the event industry becomes more  global, we are looking towards technology to bring like-minded professionals together to share resources and ideas. Mobile event apps are already an essential tool for speakers, organisers, suppliers and attendees around the world, so choose the best one in the market.