Release Notes, January 2023: Say Hello to Workspaces!

What's new? 🚀


Workspace is like a virtual home to your events. It allows you to organize events and create them exactly the way you want — alone, together as a team, or across your whole company. Workspaces offer you two main advantages: it lets you to collaborate on events by sharing access with other organizers and it gives the possibility to structure and clean up your workbench by grouping together events of similar scope and access policy. 

What can you do there?

  • Invite collaborators. Also cancel the invitations or kick members out if neccessary (owner only).

  • Share access to chosen events only.

  • Co-work on the same event data to make the proccess of event creation even easier and quicker. But be careful to not overwrite each other’s work!

Examples of use:

  • As an event agency may create separate workspaces for different internal teams.

  • If you host an event series, create a specialized workspace and invite all stakeholders as collaborators.

  • Periodically create a new workspace to get a “clean sheet” and reduce noise in your process.

To see how to use the workspace and send out invitations, visit our Wiki → here ←.

Release Notes, December 2022: Form Builder for Gates!


Our wish has always been to keep our customers aligned with the product development lifecycle of our application. The user experience of our clients, alongside with security, remains our highest priority here in Worksup. This is why we want to keep you updated with our latest features, upgrades and bug fixes. In this release, we are happy to introduce a new feature- form builder for gates.

What's new? 🚀

Form builder for gates

Form builder can be used with either open-registration gate or data collection gate. It allows the organizer to build a registration/data collection form from ground zero. Form builder comes with endless amount of customization options starting from label names and question types, ending with creating logic behind those questions. You can now:

  • Choose from different types of fields
  • Use special fields which are mapped to networking profile for open reg gates
  • Configure fields
  • Configure global form settings
  • Configure logic
  • Make use of utilities for efficient and convenient workflow

For more specific instructions on form builder, feel free to visit our Wiki → here ←.

Updates ✨

  • New and slicker UI in event gates (more spacing, bigger texts, cleaner look) for cross-app design consistency.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Fix card parallel session text overflow.
  • Q&A input placeholder and timestamp color is now more distinct.

Happy discovering with the forms and enjoy our new gate design!

Release Notes, November 2022: New Features!


Our wish has always been to keep our customers aligned with the product development lifecycle of our application. The user experience of our clients, alongside with security, remains our highest priority here in Worksup. This is why we want to keep you updated with our latest features, upgrades and bug fixes. In this release, we are excited to announce new features and updates, that will drive major improvements in your ability to use Worksup.

What's new? 🚀

Participants' Categories

Participants’ categories allow you to add tags to your attendees and therefore make them stand out in terms of their roles. It also helps the participants to filter big amount of attendees and find people of interest more quickly, by using search bar.  Tags assigned by the organizer will automatically be transmitted to the participant’s networking profile. Tag colors are synchronized across the event for registrations with the same tag text.

For more specific instructions on participants’ tags feel free to visit our Wiki → here ←.

Editing Registrations

As an organizer, situations may arise where there is a need to change registrations. Editing can be done in both- one-by-one or in bulk. Bulk import .xlsx template is updated to include “Tags” column with instructions. Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that editing can only be done if the attendee has not yet checked into the event.

To read more about editing registrations, pay a visit to our Wiki → here ←.

Name Tag QR-code Scan Tracker

When the QR code on the name tag is scanned, each scan is recorded. This gives the organizer an opportunity to monitor statistics. Name tag statistics can be seen by downloading the “Detailed interactivity and pageview metrics” report, which now also contains the “Name tag QR-codes” report. To dive in deeper in this new feature, take a look at our Wiki → article ← on the same topic.

Updates ✨

  • Much improved instructions text under “?” buttons as well as near the create/edit/import forms.
  • When registering a ticket code through admin form or bulk import, we now enforce the presence of email, otherwise import process ignores the row.
  • New design and UX concept for registrations and networking profiles tables for easier editing.
  • For better overview of the data, networking participants table now also only shows columns which actually include data (similarly to the registrations table).
  • Add missing fields (picture, LinkedIn, country…) to admin views and exports.
  • Sort parallel session tracks by starting time or id if starting time is the same.
  • Allow attendees to hide their email from take-aways report.
  • Networking profile editing in admin (attendance mode & tags).
  • Percentage-based matchmaking system.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Registering same email twice with Fienta integration results in unhandled exception.
  • Task external access link asks for admin login.
  • Intercom button overlaying pop-up content when the preview panel is open in admin.
  • Name tags appear as “unmapped take-away” in take-away report.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Thank you for keeping up with us and enjoy the updates.
Until the next time!

New features: group chat, announcements and expo facelift

New features: group chat, announcements and expo facelift

Feature of the month
Group chat

What is it?

Do you miss chatting with your colleagues at the coffee corner at events? Now you can do the same virtually in group chat. Ping a message to your event buddy or create a group chat with your team during the event.

How to use it?

This feature is great for networking, group tasks and activities, meetings (both chat and video)

Among chatting you can: 

  • Invite people to join the chat or even kick them out if needed.
  • Edit, delete messages.
  • See who is online.
  • Send files.
  • Go straight to video meeting.

Other updates and new features:

What is it?

Sometimes you just need a good old pop-up to give the most important information. 

How to use it?

Why not give announcements during your event about changes in the agenda, important practicalities and reminders to give feedback. 

  • Possible to send messages only to those who are visiting the event in real time. Meaning that those who watch the recording will not have the messages.
  • Edit messages if needed.
  • Add as a pop-up or directly into the announcement feed.

New expo area

What is it?

Our expo area was getting tired so we decided to give it a facelift.

How to use it?

The fancy new look allows you to 

  • Add expo stands into takeaways basket.
  • Easier navigation in expo stand – presentations and contacts directly available.
  • Adding hyperlinks in info area – for website, contacts etc.
  • Presentation thumbnails – get a visual preview of the content.
  • See how many participants are online in the expo area – check who is visiting your stand and get immediate contact. 
  • Share the expo access to third partners (like in Google Drive) so you can easily delegate the submission of expo stand information to your partners. 

If you want to know more about these features 👇👇

New features: onboarding, quiz lottery and take-aways

New Worksup features

We have been busy here at Worksup HQ to create more custom features to enhance your events. Here’s an overview of new Worksup features:

Onboarding module

What is it?

Organizers will now be able to create their own onboarding e-mails and send them out straight from Worksup. This enables you to streamline the communication and check-in process as you do not need a separate mailing program for that.

How to use it?

Onboarding module can be used for inviting your target group to the event, send them updates, inform about opening the platform, sending reminders and an after-event communication for saying thanks and gathering feedback. This works also if a registration gate has not been set up beforehand. Module also contains automated registration confirmations in case a Worksup registration gate has been set up prior. 

Organisers can create letters from the scratch or use templates with placeholders. With the help of placeholders, you can add your event name, direct event links, personalize the name, organization etc. 

onboarding admin view
Onboarding in admin view
onboarding options
Onboarding options

Collecting interests during registration

What is it?

Worksup networking is enhanced by matchmaking where Worksup matches together people with similar interests. While usually this happens after participants have checked in to the platform it is now possible to allow participants to select from predefined interests already in the process of registration.

How to use it?

This functionality is handy when you wish to know more about your audience’s topic preferences or background. Also, when you wish to estimate how popular one or another track or workshop might be. And on top of these, participants can start finding like minded people right after registering to the event. 


What is it?

Organising games is a great way to activate your audience. In addition to polls, where you collect participant opinions it is possible to organise quizzes with different purposes and outputs.

How to use it? 

Lottery wheel enables you to choose a random winner or winners of your quiz. You can spin the wheel among the correctly answered participants and refresh the data as more correct answers are coming up. Or you can spin the wheel and give the chance to all the participants. In both cases it works well to collect leads for event partners or reward your audience for doing something, e.g. filling in the feedback form.

In case you wish to inject some energy to your audience, you can use the podium output instead of the lottery wheel. With this option you can choose the quickest who answer your quiz and give out prizes. The interface is cool too, when the winner is announced, they will be congratulated with confetti showers!

Nordic-Baltic Security Summit 2021 announcing the winners


What is it?

You can now collect other participants’ name, job title and organisation and info about exhibitors to your virtual basket. Just as you would collect business cards and brochures at traditional physical events or expo. After the event, you can send the basket containing all the valuable information to your e-mail.

How to use it?

This is handy for both your audience but also virtual exhibitors. They do not have to make separate notes but will receive all the take-aways into their email for follow up procedures.

adding take-aways
Adding take-aways

Prevalidation of Questions

What is it?

Organizers can now prevalidate questions in the Q&A sessions. Questions presented by the audience only appear in the app if an organizer has validated them.

How to use it?

This option is handy if you have a larger and uncontrolled audience e.g. at a public event. It can also be considered if your event operates in a cultural context where certain topics are tabus.

Entry and Exit reports

What is it?

You can now generate and download a special entry and exit report for your event. So you will know exactly if John Smith was late to join the event and if he left early for lunch.

How to use it?

By analysing the attendee participation data and learning about their ins and outs you can improve your future events. 

Check-In reports

What is it?

Organizers can have an overview of all the check-ins to the event. This will generate a Google sheet with the check-in data of the attendees.

How to use it?

This is great to keep an eye on all the participants, whether they have joined the event or not. You can also use this to track how many of them have created their profile and at what point have they done the check-in. 

Where to find reports and check-ins

We will keep you posted with new Worksup features periodically!

Worksup Launches Webinar Solution for Virtual Meetings

virtual meeting on worksup

Worksup, a virtual event platform with expert support, announced the launch of Worksup Webinar. It includes all of the features you need to organise a successful virtual meeting within a small budget: from custom design to networking and interactive audience Q&A.

Worksup CEO, Endrik Randoja: “Worksup Webinar helps to organize DIY events that work like Zoom, Teams or Meet meetings but have professional look and more tools. E.g. networking and matchmaking module, design features, polls, Q&A, etc. So compared to video meeting solutions it is a much more event-like experience and on the other hand much more cost-efficient compared to full-stack platforms.”


Worksup Webinar is aimed to provide the most essential tools for virtual meetings organisation. It includes all must-have features to organise an event online:

  • Virtual meeting tool
  • Designed interface
  • Event agenda
  • Q&A and polls
  • Participants networking
  • Screen recording

Let’s take a closer look into what the Webinar features are about. 

Virtual meeting

With the virtual meeting tool, you can have two-way communication between the speaker and participants. Speakers can present slides or share their own screen. Up to 100 participants can take part in a virtual meeting and up to 12 can be simultaneously present with their cams.

Designed interface

With Worksup Webinar, you can brand your event in a corporate style: choose a specific interface colour, add your company’s logo or define a unique event access keyword to stand out from other events. 

Virtual event with a custom design interface on Worksup
Virtual event with a custom design interface on Worksup

Event agenda

With online agenda, you can present speakers, describe their topics, upload slides, and more. Inserting and changing the agenda is simple. 

agenda view on Worksup
Agenda desktop view on Worksup

Q&A and polls

To connect with your online audience during events use Q&A and polls interactivities. With Q&A, participants can interact with speakers and ask questions that others can upvote. Participants can then see the poll results directly from the app.

Q&A section with asked questions list
Q&A section with asked questions list

Participants networking

To connect with each other, Webinar provides participants a virtual networking feature. you can browse the list of participants, connect and chat with text or make a video call within the platform. Based on interests Worksup matchmaking tool helps the audience to find like-minders, partners, or new clients.

participants matchmaking
participants matchmaking


The recording included in the package is a great way to capture the virtual or hybrid meeting you’re running. It provides an opportunity to save the event for later review or analyse presentation afterwards, if you’re one of the speakers. Currently the recording is based on the screen recording technology.

Who can benefit from Webinar?

Webinar is a perfect solution for events up to 100 participants and to organisations that want to differentiate from zoom meetings and add flair and features to their event.

  • Trainings
  • Seminars (internal, external)
  • Coaching sessions
  • Product demos


The price for one webinar with up to 100 simultaneous participants is 400 EUR (excl. VAT).

How to access the plan?

To get the Webinar, simply contact the Worksup team by filling the brief form here

New Functionality For Your Virtual Conferences

virtual conferences

If you’re running a virtual conference, there are some new features that you may want to consider adding to your platform. In this post, we’ll outline five new features that will help make your virtual conferences more effective.

  • Restricted access to agenda elements. Apply an access list not only to your whole event, but to  agenda sessions, too. 
  • Scheduled meetings. Choose a specific meeting duration for participants’ virtual networking. There are three options available:
    • No time: attendees do not have to specify start and end time
    • Fixed: an organizer can specify a fixed meeting duration, for example, 15-minute slots
    • Flexible: an organizer can specify the default meeting duration while attendees can opt to override it. 
  • Time zone conversion. Define a time zone for your agenda and attendees will always be in sync, regardless of the location. 
  • Estonian language for events interface. Now there is a language pack for Estonian available making the attendee app 100% Estonian if needed, only with a touch of a button. In custom versions, other languages are also available. 
  • Virtual attendees’ involvement during events. The improved presence-tracking algorithm allows you to get even more precise analytics about how much time your attendees spend watching the event or interacting on the platform.
  • Program in your calendar. Now, you’ll never miss interesting speakers you planned to listen to. Export the Worksup programme to any calendar app, set up reminders and follow the timing where it’s convenient for you.

To learn more about the implementation or check how any of the mentioned features works, please contact us.

Worksup Integrates With Fienta

Recently, Worksup integrated with a ticketing service Fienta. Learn about the new feature and how does it function.

Summary of the feature

From now on, Worksup attendees can join your event with their personal Fienta ticket code. When they join, they will automatically claim an account which includes associated name, position and organization data of the person.

Optionally, event organizers can still allow regular entry with Worksup event ID.

No additional registration import is required. Attendees can join Worksup immediately after the Fienta registration flow is finished.

Pre-requisites and process description

To make the integration happen, you will need:

  1. Fienta API key which can be found using Fienta’s user interface from Settings > Integration
  2. Worksup event ID
  3. At minimum, email and name (or first- and surname) fields in your Fienta registration form. Optionally, we will also associate position and organization data, if available.

To connect Worksup with your Fienta event, simply let us know through our Intercom chatbot or

Expo feature has arrived at Worksup!

Creating a virtual exhibition for your event has never been easier. In this article, you’ll learn about the prerequisites – and all of the new possibilities that come with the virtual expo feature.  

A turning point for expos

Business expositions have always been a valuable part of large events. Attendees and investors come to expos to find a potential partner or learn about a new disruptive product. For companies, the expo is a chance to promote one’s brand and acquire new customers. It is the ultimate space where professionals establish new business relations and close deals. When the pandemic situation began to gain momentum, most of the event industry companies were not ready to support the same level events in an online format. A big part of them is still struggling with doing so. It opened up a question of how to help event organizers transmit the same event structure, experience, and atmosphere into online. We are glad to announce that from now on, every event organizer can include a virtual expo area to any event. 

expo feature interface on Worksup


What possibilities does the expo feature provide? 

From now on, event organizers can provide a richer online events experience for attendees. “Entering” the exposition area, users can review different companies taking part in the expo and a brief introduction of what they do. Opening up any of them, users will instantly see 3 blocks of information:


– Presentation


In “About” section attendees can learn more about what does the company do, and get to know what they’re offering during the event. In this unit, companies could also announce some important news or information about brand-new products they released or plan to. Above the description, there’s an area with the company cover photo which could also include slogan and/or logo.

Worksup virtual exhibitor description
About section

In the “Presentation” part, one can attach an inspirational video about the company to give participants a better feeling of what the company is about. Expositors can also attach a leaflet with the main proposition outlined. Companies often liked to provide brochures during traditional events, now anyone can access it virtually too. 

And last, the Contacts section. Like during any offline event, there is always a person responsible for consulting and answering questions about their product. In an online format,  it is important to have such representative as well. Therefore, expositors can include contacts of one or several employees responsible for advising event attendees, so anyone could easily get in touch by dropping a message or even making a video call. The contacts area also includes the company website, email, and phone. It makes it very easy to get in touch with a company in a way convenient for a participant. 

virtual exhibitor contact details
Contact section

How can organizers get an online expo area? 

To enable expo for your event, please contact customer support as currently, it’s available as an extra feature.

To sum up, the new expo attribute allows exhibitors to:

Present their description, logo, and proposition 

Show up recent news about product or fresh release

Generate qualified leads through online interaction with participants 

Provide sounded video about the company, product or service

Attach leaflet or any other material about an expositors 

– Share company contacts: website, email, phone 

– Let attendees instantly contact a representative and chat or video call to learn more

At Worksup, we hope you’ll enjoy and productively use the new opportunity to the fullest. We’re sure, that the expo feature can help you to organize more successful events and enrich the experience of every stakeholder. 

If you’d love to learn how to get started with expo or how to begin organizing virtual events – schedule a free consultation with our expert.

Thank you,

Worksup team