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Use interaction and networking tools to engage your onsite participants. Increase impact by involving more participants virtually.

Featured: authenticated access

Make your event secure with authenticated gates!

To ensure the security of your event and avoid any outside threats, Worksup offers many entrance gate options with authentification.

  • No need to worry about unwanted attendees
  • Unique entrance by email, eID or ticket gate
  • If authentication is not needed- open entrance is also an option
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Featured: whitelabel design

All about that eye-catching branded look!

Your event has to look like your own! Whitelabeling can give it a striking design and therefore be more memoriable for the participants.

  • Branded graphics, fonts, and more!
  • Hide systematic elements
  • Add a footer for your social media platform

Featured: live-stream + video room

Reach your remote participants!

Virtual live-streaming allows attendees to tune in from any location. With proper preparation, it’s possible to live stream any event: on-site, virtual, or a blend of the two.

  • Set it up in a minute by embedding live stream iframe
  • Embed well known players such as YouTube, Vimeo and many more
  • Choose the live stream/broadcast which plays automatically for attendees

Why use virtual tools in addition to your conference?

Reach a larger audience

Chance to join virtually regardless of location or depending or any logistical factors.

Engage the participants

Gamification provides for engaging content and gives the audience a chance to get involved. 

Be sure who attends

Limit the participation with closed access lists or gather e-mails with verification gates.

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Our solution base consists of: livestream, tasks, whitelabel design, public chat, announcements, secured access and Q&A.