Earn back what you have invested into event app and more

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Creating interactive events with an event app might cost you some. That’s why we prepared 3 top tips on how you can make an event app to earn back the money you have invested.

Sponsor games

Firstly, build a fun game with an event app for the attendees about your sponsors. Let the participants compete by answering questions related to the topics your sponsors present at the conference. Make the questions so original that guest can’t google them but need to attend the sponsor booth for an answer. Motivate them with attractive prizes from your sponsors. This is a great chance to increase the attendance of sponsor booths. Also, you get more attention to the products or services your sponsors are introducing. Sell this opportunity to sponsors as a separate benefit or add it to your sponsor pack to raise its value.

EDU EXEX in Estonia, Tallinn

Use an event app

With Worksup interaction and networking platform, you can add an event or company banner to the header section. This helps to stay visible and market your sponsors brand to the target audience. Again, you can ask extra money from the sponsor who wants their logo to appear in the header section. Or, you can use this opportunity to raise the value of your exciting sponsor packages. Furthermore, as Worksup event app enables to also play with the background colours, you can combine header banner and background colour to give the app a look of your main sponsor e.g. It is simple to add a banner and change the background colour but it might be a great value to your sponsor.

event app

Worksup event app, agenda view

You can easily set up a sponsors section in Worksup mobile event app and present them in a similar way you present your speakers on the agenda. One way is to create an agenda day that you rename as “meet our partners” section. There you can list your sponsors by using pictures, text and also links to outside resources.

Share live poll data

By organising live polls at the event you might be actually organising a market survey for your sponsors. Companies can use data to drive sales and make important decisions before launching a new product or service. In addition to displaying the results, with a live polling app you have an opportunity to download all the poll results as .xlsx or .pdf file. Organising live polls and sharing anonymous data summaries can be of great value to your sponsors.

By adding a four-digit price tag to any of the opportunities described above you can easily earn back of what you have invested in the event app. These opportunities are not overwhelming for your sponsors and yourself as an organiser but enable your sponsors new ways to establish themselves at your event.

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