Effective tools and techniques for modern HR teams in 2019

HR people are constantly in search of more efficient ways and tools to make the task management and hiring process easier. The reign of emails, CV’s, spreadsheets and post job ads is probably coming to an end. Modern workshop and hiring tools won’t displace the human factor in hiring decisions but they are an essential part of the recruiting process. So, where can you find the best tools available supporting every step of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates, job posting and other management tools? Here are the best and most effective tools and techniques for modern HR and recruiting teams in 2019:

Training and selection tools


Worksup is a great tool not only for boosting interactive events and Tinder for business, but also for training and information gathering. For instance, with Worksup you can give out assignments like questionnaires, polls, picture and text tasks before and after the  training process. With an interaction app Worksup you can create pre-interview questionnaires to screen out candidates who are not a good fit before you spend time and effort in interviewing them. Also, afterwards you can easily download data for later reports and make your conclusions faster. For training features, the great thing about this is that you can give out all the questions and tasks in the same conference app, so no need to log into separate platforms, everything you need is in one place.

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Sourcing and recruitment tools


Linkedin is a great platform for sourcing talent and making more targeted searches for candidates who are interested in a particular field. Seek out the right groups and communicate with the people who share the same interests.

Linkedin app view


Meet Frank brings together employers who are looking for top professionals. Also, Meet Frank promotes possibility to find better employment opportunities for talents. This platform enables for professionals anonymously search and discuss job offers directly with a recruiter. If the talent is interested in the job, he or she can reveal his or hers identity and if their requirements match with the employer, they can easily develop further discussion on the same platform.


Now more and more employers are using Facebook for posting job adverts and sourcing candidates. This recruitment method allows you to conduct searches that include certain criteria (job titles, locations, education etc.) to reach talents who share similar interests.



Reddit is a community messaging site between candidates and recruiters, with a user base running up to hundreds of millions. Recruiters and talents can communicate directly on the site and give insights about the jobs. Also, it is a platform for those who are actively looking for a job through Reddit.


Through Meetup, recruiters come into contact with lots of professionals in a specific field. Even if you cannot attend a meetup event, an innovative recruitment technique enables to see which people are interested in a particular event and you can contact them directly from there.


Github is a popular platform among developers for working individually or collectively on projects. Being able to see the work of talented professionals gives recruiters a better idea of who can add value to their business.

Candidate management tools


Workable is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that automates and streamlines your recruiting process. It has tools to write job ads and post them to a variety of free and paid job boards. This tool helps you to store resumes, search them, move candidates across the hiring pipeline and write comments and feedback. Adding other features such as reporting or actions like, for instance, sending rejection letters, it can be one of the most useful recruiting tools for HR Managers.

Multifunctional tools


BambooHR offers a complete HRIS solution. Their onboarding function is full of useful features such as “get to know you” emails for introducing employees and preparing new hires for their first day. Including tools like applicant tracking, time-off tracking, HR reporting, electronic signatures, employee self-boarding, employee database and records, custom workflows and performance management software

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