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Creatively present your agenda and update it in real time if needed.

Attendee perspective

  • Browse agendas with speech titles, speaker info and photos plus additional details
  • Fits both virtual, hybrid and on-site event attendees
  • Browser-based, no need to download an app
  • Agenda adapts to attendee time zone
  • Allows cherry picking sessions to build personal event schedule 

Organiser perspective

  • Quick agenda setup – ~20 minutes per event day
  • Easy to modify agenda in realtime to keep it relevant 
  • Option to upload or link media to sessions such as slides, synopsis or video-on-demand

Virtual Meeting

Broadcast from your home or office

Attendee perspective

  • Attendees can join the discussion live or ask questions
  • Share emotions by sending emojis to the broadcast
  • Also enables comments and questions as text

Organiser perspective

  • Two-way communication between speakers and participants
  • Works well for webinars, training/coaching sessions, round tables, panel discussions, demos
  • Also handy for breakout sessions and at virtual expo booths
  • Share slides or screen with attendees
  • Host can secure the entrance to a room, spotlight presenters to simulate stage-audience atmosphere and control other aspects of the session 

To learn more about virtual meeting usage, read the article.


Provide rich virtual events experience for attendees

Attendee perspective

  • Browse exhibitors’ value propositions, videos and leaflets
  • Join live demos or presentations 
  • Start a text chat or a video call with exhibitor representatives 

How to setup expo for your event?

  • Essentials only and therefore efficient to set up
  • Delegate setup to an exhibitor to save time
  • Can easily be populated with existing promo materials 

Contact Worksup event expert to get virtual expo setup for your event


Reach your remote participants – no matter whether you are organising a traditional, hybrid or virtual event.

Attendee perspective

  • Remote participants follow live video from your event
  • HD video and sound
  • Advanced controls on Worksup player

Organiser perspective

  • Simple set up by embedding live stream iframe
  • Accommodates all embeddable players such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Worksup dedicated player for more demanding broadcast needs


Involve your audience in the conversation and give them the power to choose which questions get asked.

Attendee perspective

  • Ask questions when and where suitable
  • Everyone can comment and ask questions anonymously
  • Upvoting helps to determine most burning questions
  • Same interface for on-site and remote participants

Organiser perspective

  • Taking questions online keeps you in control of the schedule
  • Turn Q&A on and off with the touch of a button
  • Hide inappropriate and mark answered questions
  • Show questions in broadcast or on-screen to boost engagement

Polls & Quizzes

Activate your audience by learning about their opinion and organise contests

Attendee perspective

  • Both on-site and remote attendees use the same interface
  • Share opinion anonymously or under you own name
  • Attendees view live results on the platform
  • Win prizes by being fastest or just luckiest in a raffle

Organiser perspective

  • Set up poll or quiz quickly, even during a session
  • Single, multiple and custom choice options
  • Broadcast live results as graphics to your video stream or on-site screen
  • Results can be also viewed right on the platform
  • Cool animations for announcing quiz winners
  • Download results as Excel file or pdf graphics


Equip your audience with a conversation tool.

Attendee perspective

  • Attendees create their profiles
  • Profiles can also be prefilled during check in process
  • Stating interests helps to find like-minded attendees
  • Platform matches participants with similar interests
  • Best matches are shown on top of participant list
  • Communicate via text message or video call  

Organiser perspective

  • Attendees set up their own profiles
  • Alternatively, integrate this with check in to generate prefilled profiles
  • Interest list is self populated by attendees
  • AI matches people with no organiser involvement
  • As a special feature, organisers can initiate meetings between participants
  • Require attendees to schedule a meeting through a request process or choose a “straight-to-chat” approach for quicker matchmaking
  • From simple chat and video call to organised group meetings

Open-Ended Questions

Gather more intelligence by giving audience text tasks

Attendee perspective

  • Answer individually or for a group
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous options
  • Same interface for on-site and remote participants

Organiser perspective

  • Ask open-ended questions to get more detailed insight
  • Organise group assignments or give individual tasks
  • Use the gathered insight at the event
  • Show results on screen or broadcast
  • Present one-by-one or all at once, in different visualizations
  • Summarize as a word cloud
  • Download Excel or pdf as a report for later analysis

Creative Tasks

Capture emotions as photos and drawings

Attendee perspective

  • Express your creativity beyond technology limitations
  • Take and upload fascinating pictures
  • Draw and upload illustrations, cartoons, schemes, timelines…

Organiser perspective

  • Perfect for group work outcome
  • Ideal as an opening ice breaker or break activity
  • Present the outcomes on screen or in broadcast
  • One-by-one or as a slide show


Differentiate your event and align with your identity

Attendee perspective

  • New and fresh look at every event
  • No two events look the same on Worksup
  • Looks resembles an identity of the organiser

Organiser perspective

  • Event header, background colour and access ID set by the organiser
  • Light customisation adds specific background, fonts and colours
  • Design can also follow more specific needs

Custom-Built Features

Get Worksup tailored to your needs

The Worksup team will design an specific solution for more demanding events. This can include but is not limited to:

Whitelabel design

  • Background, colours, and fonts can be changed
  • More advanced design based on clients mockup
  • Platform can be set up at dedicated domain name, e.g.

Event access strategies

  • Simple keyword based access – everybody who knows the (secret) event ID or who has received a link, can access
  • Closed-access events where you upload your attendee list and attendees have to authenticate their email or personal ID
  • Open-access events where you require your attendees to authenticate themselves at the gateway
  • Check-in gate custom data collection for your business needs
  • Ticket-based entry through Fienta registration and ticketing platform

Priority support

  • Initial set-up of Worksup for the client
  • Priority customer service

Virtual project management

  • Project management
  • Scenario planning
  • Format and content consultation
  • Preparing speakers
  • Assigning and managing vendors
  • Implementing the event
  • Meetings and reports

Advanced analytics

  • Participant tracking at the virtual expo
    • Send your partners a report of who has visited their booth
    • Analyze which partner got the most attention
    • Which partner representatives received the most inbound and generated the most outbound leads
  • Participant involvement during the program
    • Who watched a videostream and for how long
    • Which presentations were viewed the most
  • Exit and entry records for each attendee session in the event

Virtual expo area

  • For your event partners, vendors, or sponsors
  • Branded stand for each partner
  • Partners can see in real time who is present in their virtual booth
  • Present value proposition, presentations, videos, leaflets, etc
  • Organize activation games for participants
  • Easily contact partner representatives

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