How a startup helps introverts to become extroverts

During events, after the speaker finishes a presentation, the moderator takes over and asks the audience, “Are there any questions?” Suddenly, there is a quiet moment in the room when nobody speaks. Usually, in these particular cases, the moderator continues with ones own questions. Thus, sometimes, the lack of questions from the audience can be the biggest barrier when looking to create an audience interaction.

The story of Worksup interaction and networking app

Confent-EXEX company whose main task is to organise client conferences, saw an opportunity to develop an events interaction and networking app Worksup to bring a new era to the interaction concept. With 20 years of experience in organising events, Endrik Randoja, founder of Worksup, believes that interaction tools are an essential part of the conferences. He says that interaction tools help the audience not only to engage and learn more about the content, but also feel more confident to interact with others. Also, interaction app gives confidence to those who speak foreign language at the international conferences.

Endrik Randoja, CEO of Confent EXEX and Worksup

But this is not all, says Randoja, it is also important to think about the other areas of interaction. Thus, we have created a mobile event app which not only enables the audience to ask questions anonymously, but also provides an opportunity to solve tasks and network with other attendees.

Event organiser´s job is to encourage attendees to participate, yet it always seems to be easier said than done. So, the question that remains is, why are people often too shy to ask or answer questions or network directly with other attendees?

best-event-appsWorksup allows asking Q& A questions anonymously

Fear of public speaking 

One of the biggest fear is to be in a centre of attention and not being able to excel at performing. Back in school days, when we had to show our skills in front of the class, it was probably not the most convenient time for many. This fear might be present also in  adulthood. According to Forbes, only about 10 percent of the population enjoys public speaking, another 10 percent are absolutely terrified and about 80 percent of the people feel anxious being at centre of attention.

Mobile event app

Hence, this is a good indicator that people might need extra tools like mobile event apps for conferences to feel encouraged to interact. One of the best feedbacks for us is when we hear from our clients that Worksup mobile event app allowed them to be heard or noticed without speaking directly at first. For instance, event app Worksup also allows attendees to seek like-minded people, communicate and set up meetings before they have even met the person.


Therefore, event apps at these events has become a powerful tool for many because everybody has a chance to participate – introverts and extroverts.

Worksup as a mobile event app mission is to help people to be more interactive with others. Interaction tools are handy and standing up and speaking out in front of the crowd out is no longer the only option to get your voice heard.

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