How Event Apps like Worksup can Boost Interaction for Startups?

For any organization, be it established or a start-up, networking and interaction opportunities are vital to their business opportunities. But during the event, there are most probably number of attendees, who are least bothered about the things happening and their engagement stays low. In this case, the right event apps can help you to engage your attendees effectively during the event. Direct interactions are very important and have lots of power and if you build a proper engagement strategy for your event, you can achieve your goals and increase ROI from those events.


Worksup interaction and networking app is one the conference event apps that lets your attendees enjoy the events and remain truly engaged. This event app can be used to your advantage by bringing back the attention of the attendees and connecting them with the event in deeper ways.

As a start-up ourselves, we understand how important it is to make networks with other individuals and companies and let them know about your organisation and type of work. It is an excellent way to use Worksup event networking app for various kinds of events like hackathons, conferences, launches and other events.

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With our accomplished team of experts, we have already helped numerous companies in increasing the audience engagement and interaction during the events. The popular companies include PipedriveLifehax and even Microsoft. We are also in touch with TedX to build strong connections with the audience during the event that would take place in December 2018.

Encourage interactions 

With the help of Worksup interaction app, attendees can reach out to various people in the startup industry. Even before the event starts, you can encourage participants to create profiles, so that you can prepare and execute accordingly, thereby increasing engagement. Including to networking feature, this event app urges users to solve tasks, ask questions and share their feedback about the event. Startups are in the beginning of their journey, thus creative interaction tools can help them to realise what else they need to learn and understand more effectively to be successful in their field.

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Save time, money and resources

To make the event successful, the event organization spends usually a lot of time and money in printing and materials. Not to mention the fact that, startups are busy finding money and contacts, they don’t have time to read every little detail from a separate book or leaflet. Thus, it is probably easier to offer them digital solution which is all in one. Because of this, all the information regarding the event is shared very quickly and efficiently, which makes the interaction process a lot easier.

Worksup as a conference app, is an efficient solution to increase audience engagement and networking all in one application, so if you need one, definitely contact us!

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