Back in the days

When Estonia started building our information society over 20 years ago, there was no digital data being collected about our citizens. There was no access to the Internet or technology to use it. There might have been few computers you could play Solitaire card game, but that was about it.  No modern IT solutions or interactive and networking apps.

event app, mobile event app                                                              Estonia got independence in 1991

E-Estonia as a role model

Today, Estonians have taken the path to innovate IT solutions and motivate other countries to take upon the e-country role. Estonians have developed so far: e-government, e-tax, digital-ID, i-voting, blockchain, e-health and e-residency solutions. Our digital solution Worksup interaction app has taken the motivation to inspire e-organisations to brand their organizational events, introduce materials about e-Estonia and give out different workshops to share opinions and knowledge.

event app, mobile event app                                                                          E-Estonia Showroom

E-workshops and meetings improve training

E-Governance Academy and E-Estonia Showroom uses an event app Worksup effectively to introduce Estonia and collect valuable opinion from their visitors. The E-Estonia Showroom is an executive briefing centre, where global policy makers, political leaders, corporate executives, investors and international media network visits e-Estonia success examples.

event app, mobile event app  .                                                                         E-Estonia Showroom

For example, an interaction and networking app Worksup, which a private company from Estonia, is used to understand how E- Governance Academy should improve their training skills in order to be more efficient regarding with its services. Thus, its an efficient way to ask feedback and get the data access right away, which is  also sharable immediately with other visitors.

E-Estonia in other countries

E-Governance Academy writes that Estonian e-government systems are tremendous help for the developing countries. One of the examples was Population Management in Kenya conference, where delegates were discussing the role of e-Governance Academy in international cooperation on e-government and how the lifecycle of a person is processed digitally. All this information was processed and discussed through Worksup event app. Which is an another example how interactive digital solutions play important role to make people’s voices heard and talk about the subject what actually matter.

event app, mobile event app, conference app  .                                           Worksup app used by E-Government Academy in Estonia 

 Private sector and Government

The more Estonia promotes e-service systems, the more it attracts interest internationally. This means that Estonia needs to be ready for constant improvements and progress. One of the ways how Estonia is improving its e-services security and efficiency to deliver great results is by including more and more private sector companies. Estonian IT companies operate on a one-stop shop logic, offering strategic consulting, change management, and IT development for creating safer e-solutions. Thus, private sector is actually closely involved with the further developments regarding e-solutions here and abroad.


In order to remain as a trustworthy e-country that leads by example, Estonians continue to innovate. Government and private sectors are investing into the solutions which would help the country to improve their systems in cyber security, intelligent transportation, data, healthcare 4.0, industry 4.0 and other services. Worksup motivation as a startup is to emphasise the effect of digitalisation and help E-Estonia to improve their learning skills and grasp better understanding about important subjects.

mobile event app, event app                                                          Industry 4.0 international conference in Estonia

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