Mobile Event Apps: know what app suits your business

In every industry there are events that can be made more efficient with a modern mobile event app. But knowing, which event app suites your event the best, is the key. Learn from this article, what kind of an event app would be beneficial to your line of work.

Event Managers

Event managers job could be considered one of the most stressful jobs out there. This stress can be reduced by using an event app. However, often the worry is that, event apps cost too much, when actually they can save and earn more. Read how event apps can save time and money here.

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Worksup event app


Entrepreneurs are often organising bigger meetings, client events, social events and so on. Business leaders can use a mobile event app for different employee surveys, tasks, schedule, Q&A and easily evaluate and prevent problems what actually matter. To know more about how entrepreneurs can use it with their employees, read here.

Richard Branson


Marketing professionals also organise marketing events. For a marketer, an event app is a great tool for not just organizing, but also promoting the event or brands. For instance, with event app Worksup, you can brand the event with the company’s logo and colors. Learn how to do it in here.

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Educational institutions have events occurring all the time and an event app is a great way for students and teachers to be up to date with the schedule, opinions, ask questions and do interesting interactive assignments through the application. Worksup interaction app is always free for educational institutions.

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Student event with an event app Worksup


Recruiters are constantly in search of more efficient ways to make the task management and hiring process easier. Modern recruiting tools won’t displace the human factor in hiring decisions but they are an essential part of the recruiting process.

For Event Professionals

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