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Worksup is an effective virtual and hybrid event platform that is simple to use for the attendees and easy to set up by the organisers. Standard solution covers most of the event needs and can be set up in minutes while our team efficiently builds tailored solutions for more demanding events. Watch the video or read on to learn more about features.

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Virtual Meeting

Broadcast from your home or office​

Enable two-way communication between speakers and participants.

  • Organise webinars, training, coaching sessions, round tables, panel discussions fast and cost-efficiently
  • Enrich your larger events with breakout sessions, sponsor demos etc
  • Quick and hassle-free setup 
virtual meeting
virtual event platform


Endorse professional networking

Connect your virtual event attendees with a networking tool. 

  • Find like-minded attendees based on interests
  • Text chat with fellow participants 
  • Make video calls on the same platform

Polls & Quizzes

Activate your audience

Everyone’s voice will be heard.

  • Create open ended questions and polls
  • Organise quizzes for audience activation
  • Show real-time results on the platform
mobile telia expo


Provide exhibitors with qualified leads 

Make it even easier to establish partnerships and find professional connections.

  • Set up informative virtual booths
  • Share video, docs and other media 
  • Organise a two-way video demo or a presentation
  • Chat with prospects or make a video call on platform 


Embed any live stream solution

Benefit from most reliable broadcasting solution that is easy to set up. 

  • Embed Vimeo, YouTube or alike with ease 
  • Use Worksup’s own versatile live stream player 
  • Designed to suite both desktop and mobile
live stream feature


Conduct live Q&A sessions

Involve your audience in the conversation.

  • Let attendees to post questions and comments
  • Allow them to upvote questions posted by others
  • Make it easy for the moderator to pick the most popular ones
  • Enrich your live stream by showing questions and comments full screen

Custom features

Get the functionality you need

Contact us to get a custom-developed solution for your virtual or hybrid event.

  • White-label design
  • Custom access 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Chat board
  • Priority support
chat board feature
branding feature


Highlight your virtual events with corporate style design

Virtual events appearance can be modified according to your needs. 

  • Choose background colours and style 
  • Change the event header   
  • Ask for other custom branding options

Reliable Customer Support For Every Event

Worksup event experts are happy to give advice. Whenever you organize an event, reach out to get a demo or custom recommendations


Conversing with Worksup support is like talking to a friend who's there for you anytime


Expect our reply within 24 hours during business days


We learn each case specifically to make recommendations relevant for your event

Learn how to make great virtual events

Hosting great conferences takes commitment and hard work. However, the process itself is easily described and relatively straightforward. So, on our virtual event platform we've put together some resources that you can use to simplify your work.

Some words about Worksup

Worksup is all you need… seriously. Do you know all that overhead for an event? Just GONE. I can’t even imagine doing another event without it.

Mart Kuus • Company Inc

This app really helped us to understand everything that we needed before the event started. Just… thank you!

Brian Smith • Enterprise Inc

We have done many events in the past. We always stumbled upon the same issues, but we just took it as the industry standards. We never thought that we actually would be able…

Joana Marton • Enterprise Inc