We are glad to bring you some of the changes that have been in high demand and further improve your experience with Worksup as an administrator.


  • Possibility to toggle the sidebar for more spacious workspace
  • Agenda builder redesign for more effective workflow
  • Launching results could now be done inside agenda for more intuitive navigation.
  • Under the tasks section, if you click “New task” you can create tasks now one at the time
  • You can empty answers, which is especially handy if you have made a copy from the previous event
  • Now you can easily copy the event and use the same info at your next event. Deleting tasks and editing option will stay the same, however be sure before deleting all your hard work.
event app, mobile event app, conference app
Menu access from the top left side.
event app
Top right side of the menu you can add agenda day.
event app, mobile event app, conference app
Launch results under Agenda view.
event app, mobile event app
Adding agenda elements from the top left corner of the agendabuilder view.
Copying events.
event app, mobile event app
Emptying answers.