The Subtle Art of Being a Remarkable Event Organizer

It turned out we don’t need 10 000 hrs of practice to master a skill. Still, learning how to be a remarkable event organizer takes a lot of effort. The good news is we can get better at something not only by practising it but also by learning from others. The article guides through the successful event organizers’ characteristics and rules to improve organizational skills. So how the performance of event professionals is different?

They eat the frog first 

Creating a general plan without defining priorities and time-consuming tasks, you step into a #somethingwentwrong risk. Often, event organizers instantly follow a to-do list and start execution from the beginning. A checklist is an advantage, but we can do way better. Successful event organizers divide the list into the three complexity blocks to sort tasks by levels. Put them to elementary, medium, or advanced blocks depending on the complexity and priority. Reading each assignment, ask yourself: “What chances that something will go wrong here? How much time would I need to find a solution?”. If answers to both questions equal “lots of” this is where you need to start. Choose the blocks name whatever you want. The most important is to define prioritized and time-consuming elements and begin with its execution. 

They keep everyone on the same page 

When you organize an event, you may mistakenly think that a lot of things clear for you are clear for everyone. Sure, it could be understandable how the software works or what are the team responsibilities. The funniest stuff begins when it’s not. Generally, a lot of event organizers are informing the closest team members of what’s happening. But great event organizers make sure that every contractor also knows a goal of the event, technical details, and what the expected result. They make regular checks to see if everyone’s on the same page. And make sure that stakeholders not only get tasks but a chance to ask general organizational questions.

They can quickly adapt 

The pandemic situation has shown that things can dramatically change within a short time. Professional event organizers always have a plan B. They know that scenario when everything goes smoothly sadly doesn’t happen too often. Therefore, they inspect the possible risks in advance. When an event organizer  – the chair event person – is in panic, so that imagine what do participants or other stakeholders can think about the whole organization. When something unexpected happens that ruins or changes plans, firstly, real professionals get patient and start to create a new road to go: no judgments, no complaints, only a fresh eye to find the most efficient solution. 

They are good networkers

To be a great event organizer, you don’t need to be a born extrovert. Doing events is always about teamwork, no matter how many years of experience you have. When something goes not according to the plan, having a wide network of people will be especially helpful. Remarkable event organizers are genuinely interested in others: what they do for life, what are their struggles or hobbies. So that when the right moment comes, they spend less time searching for a partner to collaborate with and solve issues quicker. It’s important that when you get to know new people you do it sincerely and not for taking advantage in the future. Also, be ready to help others too. A win-win strategy is a key for any business relations.

They are not afraid to ask help

It is all about fears. With two years of experience, we afraid to ask help as everyone will think about you as a fool (spoiler alert: they will not). Working 15 years, we afraid to ask help as everyone will think you are not a professional. In reality, of course, it looks different. Luckily, task delegation and admitting that you are not a rockstar at everything are in vogue again. Great event managers are eager to let other people do something they’re not that good at. Asking for help or a piece of advice is a great option too. It seems very easy, but because of the inability to ask help on time, a lot of projects crash. 

Learning and following the mentioned characteristics will help you to feel more confident before and during events. Be ready for changes, adapt quickly, and surround yourself with professionals to create a unique experience for everyone. 

Open our new article about event organizers’ mistakes during a virtual event to avoid them in the future. 

How interaction app can enhance the new learning experience in schools

We are running into the 21st century where technology is taking over every niche and corner. If we keep on teaching our children the way we taught them yesterday, we would deprive them of their tomorrow. Digital interaction tools like interactive event apps and technology are the new answer to enhance students learning and creative skills.

Digitalization examples

Estonia is named ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent e-ecosystem for their citizens. One of the example how digitalization took place in schools was the development of “e-kool” (e-school) system, which is a platform that is now used in almost every school in Estonia.This platform connects students, teachers and parents, which helps them to get access to grades and information easily. The more the era of digitalisation grows, the more it is also integrated into our educational systems. 

event app, technology, interaction app                                                                          School students

Worksup app

Worksup interaction and event networking app and offers interactive tools like live polls, text tasks and imaginative picture tasks. We believe that schools should use digital interaction tools for group work and home tasks. Researchers have stated that group projects can help students to develop a host of skills that are increasingly important in the later professional world (Caruso & Woolley, 2008; Mannix & Neale, 2005). If students are learning to collaborate together, they will be most certainly more ready for the upcoming employment years.

confernce app, event app, mobile event app


First of all, for an engagement you could use both informative and fun tasks. If you use the same old methods and tools before the Internet was born, you might lose your students attention.

“Students do not pay attention continuously for 10-20 minutes during a lecture. Instead, their attention alternates between being engaged and unengaged in ever-shortening cycles throughout the lecture segment.” (Bunce, D.M., Flens, E.A., and Neiles, K.Y. 2010).

User Experience

Thus, supporting on this research and results from the interaction app Worksup, teachers could use imaginative teaching and management strategies to enhance the development of their students’ adaptable attention processes for their interactive events.

Koidula Gymnasium comments: “We used Worksup interaction and event networking app for a school conference and it really gave our student event a new and professional look. With Worksup students could easily see the conference agenda and (anonymously) ask questions they maybe would not dare in front of everyone. Also they had a easy and quick way to give feedback and much more.”

event app, conference app   Student event in Estonia, Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium

Interactive attention tasks

For example, if your wish is to get secondary school students attention, you should think about the ways how to communicate with children whose attention is probably not the same level as it could be with grown ups. Thus, how you could do this effectively? Here are few examples how you could use Worksup interaction tools to enhance the experience.

Live polls

Before you start your class, ask them something fun and try to get them comfortable with their new learning tools.

1. Give your opinion how this subject makes you feel?
2. I want to persuade my career in this field
3. I want to escape on a small island
4. I want more information about this
5. I think we could do more practical work
6. Choose your own

Text tasks

Say one positive thing about this subject?

Later you could show one big and beautiful word cloud which describes how the majority of the class feels about the subject.

Picture tasks

Take into groups and make a fun group picture using only your eyes (cover the rest of your face with a text book or smth fun).

Now, how  you can use interaction tools to enhance better understanding on the subjects you are teaching. Another tip would be that don’t over use it, ask questions which are relevant to the subject.

Live Polls

In what areas we need artificial intelligence the most?

1. Healthcare
2. Agriculture
3. Business processes
4. Education
5. Name yourself

Text Tasks

How we can apply AI in our day-to-day lives? Describe in your own words.

Picture task 

Gather a group and draw a picture of the future AI technology in schools and share this through Worksup interaction app.


In conclusion, we can say that eventually there is no right or wrong answer. Still, if we look at the facts and how technology is evolving into our lives, it would be falling behind, if we would not use it for our benefit technology and educations could start early stages of our lives and most of all –  learning should be fun and interactive! Technology and event interaction app like Worksup could be the solution for teachers and students educational needs. Worksup  is free for Educational Institutions, thus, do not hesitate to ask us more ideas and question how you could use it in your school.

event app, mobile event app                                                                                   Word Cloud

4 Creative and Interactive Ideas for Conference Sessions

When you are an event manager, there are probably plenty of times when you have ran out of ideas while organising the same event series. To make this constant search for ideas easier, we have collected 4 creative interactive event ideas. Using these ideas will help you produce outstanding audience engagement with the content and strengthen your participants overall learning experience.

1) Picture tasks with an event app

At the UX To The Future, which was an e-government conference, held in 2018 in Estonia,  we came across a creative panel idea that quickly pulled people in and enlivened the audience. We used imaginative picture tasks through an interactive event app Worksup where people were creating different tasks, taking pictures and uploading them in the application. This kind of assignment not only made the participants think how they could solve the task but also creatively think how they will use the event app in its best way to bring out their ideas.

The participants cut out their answers from series of pre-prepared sentences. While they did this, the organizers posed the same questions to the audience through fun live polls. At the end, each team compared and commented on the results.

event app, mobile event app,

This kind of format stimulated focused thinking among the attendees. As a result, the session achieved a remarkable level of engagement with over  200 members participating at the same time. 

2) Fireside chat during the conference

Firechat chat creates a smooth conversation between two or more people which helps to make the atmosphere a lot more comfortable more engaging. This year’s event at the Esha 2018 conference, event managers used the fire chat method quite effectively, the idea was to bring out the points which needed more insights and thoughts behind the concept.

event app, conference app, mobile event appMindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani, who is the founder of Mindvalley, was talking inspiringly about how to transform education and leadership in an age of exponential technologies. Afterwards his presentation he answered various questions from the audience and moderators. Lakhiani was actually that inspired from the fireside chat, he stood up and explained passionately about the idea behind is company even more in depth.

Extra tip: If there are too many unanswered questions, write these on your event’s blog.

3) Campfire storytime

To take the interaction a step further, you could have few speakers at the same time, telling their inspirational stories in a short period of time. It creates a campfire feeling, where people tell their stories, which enables to relate to each other. This kind of storytelling is a great way to stimulate people’s learning process.

mobile event app, event app, app for events, app for conferencesEDU EXEX in Tallinn

These sessions are usually short and last about 20-30 minutes all together. One of the examples could be Education Technology EXEX 2018, where we had different schools on the stage, talking about their success stories regarding the technology usage. There were about 3-4 teachers on the stage at the same time, where everyone had a piece of story to tell.  The audience had a chance to rate each speaker and ask questions through Q&A session. Campfire sessions create an excellent place for people to learn from their peers, share experiences and build new connections.

4) Interactive quiz with a mobile event app

If your event has multiple sessions running at the same time, you can actually help the attendees choose the right sessions by running an introduction quiz or in other words – live polling. You can create a pre-event survey and let the participants guess the answers. When the answers have rolled in, you can send back the feedback. For example, in the Worksup event app, you can easily create polls in these kind of occasions and later export data and share it with your attendees.  Leverage these tips to deliver an outstanding event experience for your attendees. 

Speakers: 5 Tips for Presenting like Steve Jobs

A great conference can change the World or at least give something valuable back to the audience. For example, after Jobs’ presentations, thousands waited outside the store for days just to get the latest iphone on their hands. So what can you learn from this public speaking guru to make an impact on your next presentation?

1) Story is the key

There is no successful presentation without a strong story. People are captured by your story not only by powerpoint slides. When writing a story, think 3 key points you want your audience to remember when they leave the conference. The rule of three  implies that people can remember only 3 things at the same time. Make sure your audience has an easy access to the presentation and share the link through an event app like Worksup.

2) Practice practice practice

The smoother the presentation looks like, the more practicing it required. Steve Jobs rehearsed for hours, even days to deliver his speech. You need to rehearse the presentation to the extent that you won’t need the notes.

To know how you did and how you could improve your speech for the next event, then don’t be shy and ask directly from your audience. For this you can use interaction app Worksup and create a simple live poll for feedback or they can rate your speech directly in the event app. 

mobile event app, event app, conference app, event management app,Rating the speaker, Worksup event app

3) Grab data with attention

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod, he did not emphasise its 5GB storage and small weight, instead he constantly showed that it can fit into his pocket.  He did it because he wanted the audience to understand its tiny size, not how much are the product technical measurements.

To grab your audience’s mind with data, show data you got from the audience not only from your research. To make an impact on your attendees, ask them intriguing questions and later show them visually on the screen. Learn how to do this with mobile event app Worksup.

4) Simplify your slides

Make your slides as simple as possible and try to present only one topic per slide. Show the slide for 10-15 seconds before you start talking about it.

For instance, when Steve Jobs described iPod Shuffle, Steve Jobs used a simple analogy: “The iPod Shuffle is smaller and lighter than a pack of gum.” Also, make your slides available to see for your audience. As mentioned before, you could easily add the link to the event app’s agenda, where all the attendees can later see the presentation and rate it. You can see how it works here.

Start a discussion

Constantly remind them that for questions they can use an event app, for instance like mobile event app Worksup, where you choose the most upvoted questions and later answer them in front of your public.

If you have a large audience in front of you, use live polls to get the opinion from every one of them and make them feel a part of your story.

3 Marketing Tips #Event Pro’s Should Know

Growth hacking is an important word in the startup community. In the event management industry it means that event planners are looking for marketing hacks to increase attendance at their events. The truth is, there aren’t actually many event planners that have unlimited event budgets. Thus, these 3 marketing tips can become handy for your events.

1) Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a technique in which companies turn their employees and customers into enthusiasts who spread a word about the product or service that they believe in.

If the event is successful, attendees are happy to return next time and recommend it to their colleagues and friends. Also, recommendations can go through social media. Attendees share their event pictures and comment their experiences in other social media channels. So, how to turn your attendees into influencers? 

  • Use Worksup event app and enable rating to let the audience choose which speaker is the best. Urge audience to share their opinion about the speakers they like the most in their channels.
  • Use polls to know what topics your audience finds the most interesting. This gives you a better idea what kind of content can influence the attendees the most and what kind of event ambassadors you need for your next event.
  • Make your guests act like influencers and share them your hashtags (Event ID, speakers etc) pictures and links from interactive mobile event app Worksup.

Become influencer yourself

To become a successful influencer, you need to give it some extra push. You need to build your personal brand and work on forming relationships within the industry. So, how to do this?

  • Start your blog to showcase your expertise in your field. Be objective and soon you will start to get followers who appreciate your hacks and tips.
  • Create connections with other event planners, speakers, influencers in your field.
  • Encourage your event partners to promote their presence at your event and thus benefit from their media coverage.

event app, branding, mobile event appEstonian socialmedia influencers, Juhani Särglep and Mariann Treimann

2) Brand your events

Branding is important for every major super-brand succeeded in creating a massive following that has helped them to grow their business. These companies have been: TedXWorld Business ForumIBMApple and Microsoft conferences etc. Today, there are also plenty of events who have created a similar follower system by simply branding their event.

Successful event communities

In the context of events and meetings, Web Summit is a great example of getting the event brand community right. They started with only 400 attendees, which now is over 70,000 attendees from more than 170 countries. An unrivalled global meeting place for the world’s most disruptive technology companies and those interested in how that disruption can transform their businesses and their lives. They also form a strong following around their brand.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management appsWeb Summit events are global events

That has also happened to many startup communities. They go around the globe talking about their experiences and their own brand, which hopefully eventually creates a community around it. One of those companies is the technology company Apple, which success has developed in many countries due to its global conferences and Steve Job’s consistency to create an impact. Thus, what is the “secret sauce” of their success stories? The answer most probably would be that these companies have offered exceptionally great products, service and knowledge, which is supported by positive reviews and valuable stock price.

3) Content is the key

It’s important to keep your community posted and informed. Content marketing is still the most effective way to raise brand awareness, create a group of loyal readers and followers and ultimately convert them into customers.

Here is the list of content ideas that’ll help you market your event efficiently and get your attendees return the next event:

  • Share content like articles, photos and videos from previous events
  • Write a blog about the city/ country and suggest places they can visit
  • Create email interviews with your speakers and post them as blog posts
  • Invite presenters and partners to guest blog to give them some extra visibility
  • Encourage speakers to shoot video teasers

In Summary

Indeed, these activities can be a bit time-consuming and bring results only in the long term. However, when you put influencers and branding marketing strategies in motion and endorsed by content marketing, these hacks can help you gain unbeatable competitive advantage over your competitors.