How to get most out of your seminar and increase audience engagement ?

So you have organised a seminar and you have concentrated on every little detail to make it perfect. The tickets have sold out and you hope that you get the very best from the event. Even though when everything seems great, how do you know that your audience takes away all that they could from your seminar? As an event manager, you probably wish your participants could take the most out of the information and feel inspired and motivated to achieve their goals afterwards. Here are some quick tips how you can achieve this:

Right Content

How about the audience choosing the topics they are most interested in? There is no use of a seminar if your audience is not interested in the content. Wellesley Hills Group, a consulting and Marketing firm researched that a typical average-sized seminar only 2 % of the audience really gets a chance to participate in the discussion at all. This is also a good reminder that people do actually want to take part, just be sure what kind of content you are presenting and how do you do it. 

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For instance, if you use an event interaction and networking app Worksup, you could get information about the topics and speakers before the event easily. Participants can rate the topics and speakers, which gives the speaker extra time to know what they could discuss and which topics should be less focused on. Also, with an event app Worksup, participants can ask questions about the topics, answer and like questions. Not only  would your seminar have valued topics and questions, but also, you could save tons of time!

Efficient Group Work

Once you have the topics and questions in place, you can start thinking on how to increase audience engagement. Again,  innovative mobile event app Worksup is a great tool to help you out, for example, it enables participants to network and co-work easily on the same platform. This is especially useful if your attendees would like to see who else is attending and if they share similar interests. Not to mention, with an event app Worksup, you can plan your seminar schedule and prepare the participants’ Q-and- A sessions, polls, text and image tasks. Be creative and give them assignments they cannot’ solve right away, but also include fun and creative exercises.

Break the ice

So, how you can really break the ice ?  For instance, a networking feature in the conference app Worksup app allows participants to be more proactive during the seminar, because they already know who is there and what kind of group has the same interest. Also, why not to give them fun exercise to do before the seminar starts, for instance, you could ask them to do a fun group selfie

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How to make the most out of Q&A and live polls platform

Q&A and polls platform is one of those tools that help you pull the audience into your event and let them co-create it in real-time participation. In this article we evaluate the best tips and examples how you can get the most of Q&A and polls platform from the Worksup event app.

While the tasks in Worksup interactive mobile event app are easy to use, you need to think a bit in advance about how to incorporate Q&A and polls platform into the structure of your event. Here are simple tips how you can use  Q&A platform:

Technical equipment and requirements

Q&A platforms are the most efficient when questions are displayed live on the wall or on the screen. We have personally noticed in our events that audience feels more encouraged to submit and like more questions when they see them on the big screen. Also, make sure you have fully working computer with the Internet connection where you can moderate questions, a projector for presentation and a screen or a clean wall where you can present the questions.

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Let your guests know

Including the technical requirements, do not forget to inform your audience about wifi and how they can login and use the event app (simple user guide slide). Also, why not give them a warm up exercises like a simple poll or task like “make a fun selfie,” so they could get use to using the conference app. 

Remind your guests repeatedly throughout the event that they can ask questions, vote in polls and  rate speakers to enjoy fully the potential of event engagement system Worksup. Inform your guests few weeks before the event about the login requirements and send them event ID.  Also, do not forget to ask questions about the topics beforehand, so you would discuss the most relevant information at the event.


During the event moderators can choose the best questions into discussion and steer the conversation in the direction that participants want it to go, so keep an eye on valuable questions, also the most liked question from the audience. Also, you have probably noticed that after the presentation the speaker usually asks if anybody has some questions, which sometimes can lead to awkward silence or the speaker can face a lot of questions in a short time slot. Worksup platform helps you to pick the most favourite questions and topics before the Q&A session starts, so you can easily address them during the event and save time when needed. Also, let them know that you would like to have feedback on how they liked the pitch. For example, they can rate a speaker directly or you can create a feedback survey based on a poll feature.

Inform moderators and technical team

Moderators have really important role of successful Q&A and audience polling. Inform them how you would like the Q&A and poll sessions happen. Ask them to introduce Worksup platform, inform them how and where participants can join in and encourage them to call to action. Also, do not forget to provide technical equipment like a tablet where they can easily operate the Q&A and poll sessions. Inform moderators, speakers and  technical team about how and when Worksup will be used at the event.

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Creative tips

Also, why not to use Google glasses for even better results for an audience interaction.

Well, even if Saturday Night Live did a hilarious sketch that made fun of how awkward and strange the glasses seem, we still cannot  dismiss the fact that these glasses are  highly effective when you like to use a wearable computer that projects efficiently  information on a display viewable with an upward glance. 

This is one way how to seem even more prepared and interesting for the audience. For instance, Sergey Brin had crafted his Google Glass TED talk to explain the ways that such devices might change our lives and how it can be effectively used in different ways. With Google Glass you can enable hands-free slideshow control, you can do hands-free translation of your signage and directions and poster presentations, the possibilities with this gadget are probably endless. Watch video here.

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