4 Creative and Interactive Ideas for Conference Sessions

When you are an event manager, there are probably plenty of times when you have ran out of ideas while organising the same event series. To make this constant search for ideas easier, we have collected 4 creative interactive event ideas. Using these ideas will help you produce outstanding audience engagement with the content and strengthen your participants overall learning experience.

1) Picture tasks with an event app

At the UX To The Future, which was an e-government conference, held in 2018 in Estonia,  we came across a creative panel idea that quickly pulled people in and enlivened the audience. We used imaginative picture tasks through an interactive event app Worksup where people were creating different tasks, taking pictures and uploading them in the application. This kind of assignment not only made the participants think how they could solve the task but also creatively think how they will use the event app in its best way to bring out their ideas.

The participants cut out their answers from series of pre-prepared sentences. While they did this, the organizers posed the same questions to the audience through fun live polls. At the end, each team compared and commented on the results.

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This kind of format stimulated focused thinking among the attendees. As a result, the session achieved a remarkable level of engagement with over  200 members participating at the same time. 

2) Fireside chat during the conference

Firechat chat creates a smooth conversation between two or more people which helps to make the atmosphere a lot more comfortable more engaging. This year’s event at the Esha 2018 conference, event managers used the fire chat method quite effectively, the idea was to bring out the points which needed more insights and thoughts behind the concept.

event app, conference app, mobile event appMindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani, who is the founder of Mindvalley, was talking inspiringly about how to transform education and leadership in an age of exponential technologies. Afterwards his presentation he answered various questions from the audience and moderators. Lakhiani was actually that inspired from the fireside chat, he stood up and explained passionately about the idea behind is company even more in depth.

Extra tip: If there are too many unanswered questions, write these on your event’s blog.

3) Campfire storytime

To take the interaction a step further, you could have few speakers at the same time, telling their inspirational stories in a short period of time. It creates a campfire feeling, where people tell their stories, which enables to relate to each other. This kind of storytelling is a great way to stimulate people’s learning process.

mobile event app, event app, app for events, app for conferencesEDU EXEX in Tallinn

These sessions are usually short and last about 20-30 minutes all together. One of the examples could be Education Technology EXEX 2018, where we had different schools on the stage, talking about their success stories regarding the technology usage. There were about 3-4 teachers on the stage at the same time, where everyone had a piece of story to tell.  The audience had a chance to rate each speaker and ask questions through Q&A session. Campfire sessions create an excellent place for people to learn from their peers, share experiences and build new connections.

4) Interactive quiz with a mobile event app

If your event has multiple sessions running at the same time, you can actually help the attendees choose the right sessions by running an introduction quiz or in other words – live polling. You can create a pre-event survey and let the participants guess the answers. When the answers have rolled in, you can send back the feedback. For example, in the Worksup event app, you can easily create polls in these kind of occasions and later export data and share it with your attendees.  Leverage these tips to deliver an outstanding event experience for your attendees. 

6 Ways to save time at the team meeting with Worksup

 Meetings can go well or be totally pointless with now real value or outcome. The bigger the meeting, the bigger the risk of not reaching your goals. Worksup team brainstormed some insights for you to organise better meetings with little help from Worksup conference app.

1) Hear out your team

Carried out by executive leadership coaches That People Thing, the nationwide study of 668 senior staffers found that, on average, just only 44% of time in meetings is productively spent, with productivity at risk as attendees veer off topic.

If this is something that also concerns your team, then one option is to let your team have a say in the next meetings’ agenda. This is not only for saving time, but also reducing the risk of concentrating on topics which won’t give much value to the meeting. Your team knows probably the best what is going on with their work and what topics are more important to talk about.


  • Put down the topics you usually discuss during your meetings and let your team to vote for the best option. Also leave out one choice for them to answer.

Worksup mobile event app, Polls view

2) The right answer

To be sure if everyone understands the same, you could run a simple poll and then make a decision from there. For instance, before the meeting you can prepare several polls with a mobile event app and during a meeting, your team can vote on the right option. Team leader can show the results on the screen and see if there is any lack of an agreement.

This  helps to ensure that everyone in your team is on the same page, which allows them to do their job more effectively.


  • Create a poll
  • Allow enough time for everyone to send their answer
  • Once they have voted, show them the results
  • Comment on the correct answer and explain unclear topics

3) Brainstorming done effectively

Brainstorming meetings are essential to launch a new project or improve existing frameworks. Usually the real challenge is identifying the best ideas that should be considered for the project. 

To make brainstorming more effective, interaction app Worksup helps to collect ideas before the meeting. You can easily create a text task, where people can write down their thoughts and later see the the most mentioned ideas from the word cloud. This way, they bring more ideas to the discussion and it speeds up the whole brainstorming process.

In the meeting, you can also create polls from the best ideas and encourage people to upvote the ones they like the most. Team can decide which is the best idea and what could the be the next steps and obstacles.

Text task & Word cloud:

  • Create a text task or poll where people can write down their ideas.
  • Share the link and let them upvote the best ideas before the meeting
  • During the meeting,  display the most upvoted ideas on the screen.

Worksup mobile event app, Word Cloud


  • Discuss possible obstacles what this idea can bring. 
  • Create a poll beforehand and show the results during the meeting.
  • After the meeting, export the results for further analysis.

4) Quick decisions on the site

During the meetings can happen that the team has to make quick decisions on the spot. But people are different, so are their opinions, thus it can be often complicated to reach an agreement.

Instead of going into deep conversations, it could be a lot easier to do anonymous voting. You can create a poll, let the team members vote and get your answer just in few seconds.


  • Create a multiple-choice poll with several possible options
  • Allow enough time for everyone to send their vote
  • Once the votes are in, show the results
  • Comment on them and take further action

5) Include your digital nomads into the discussion

There isn’t probably a meeting where there is a team member from another city or from another country. With Worksup there isn’t a problem to engage them into discussion if they are not in the meeting room.

Share the link:

  • Share the Event ID or link
  • Invite them to join the voting session
  • Display the results on screen so it’s easier for everyone to follow the discussion

6) Check if your team is satisfied

To get information if your team motivated, one of the most effective ways is to create a satisfactory poll.

After the votes are collected, team leader shares the results in a meeting and gives comments on which areas scored well and which need to be improved.

This 3-min employee survey allows the team to reveal matters before they become a problem and take necessary steps to improve people’s well-being at work.


  • Create a survey poll
  • Share the link with the team
  • Collect the answers
  • Present the results at the meeting and provide comments if needed

6 ways to make events more interactive and engaging with technology

Events are probably the most interactive happenings of them all, they are where people get together to network, connect with like-minded people and learn new ways to comprehend different ways of knowledge. Including an element of interactivity is certainly an engaging and fun way to add personalised touch to the event. 

Worksup’s team brainstormed 6 best ways to make event interaction more efficient and engaging for the event planners:

1) Create quizzes and questionnaires!

Help your audience to know more information about the topics and speakers by letting them ask and answer the questions before, during and after the event. Worksup event app lets you to choose and show the most interesting questions and topics, while participants can share their thoughts and likes about the questions.  Encourage your audience to be creative and give them a prize if they did a good job!

mobile event app, event app
2) Encourage voting!

Get your audience involved by creating fun live polls. Live polls are definitely one of the most fun ways to boost up the attention. Let your participants vote via Worksup application and show them results on a diagram in real time.  You can encourage them to ask  about different aspects of the evening, like speakers’ topics and graphics or let your audience rate different subjects and opinions.

event app, mobile event app, conference app, mobile apps for conferences, best event app, event management apps
3) Create a fun learning experience!

Besides live polls, questionnaires and ratings – it is always fun to learn through texts and picture tasks. Why not to gather people into groups and give them something to solve together and present results effectively in real time on screen? Give them an assignment which is fun to do and not too complicated, after all, learning is supposed to be fun!  

4) Make memories!

Why not create some souvenirs from the event and make your crowd have even more fun? You can use event app Worksup for this and can ask your guests to take pictures of themselves, with the  speakers, performers or whatever comes into mind. If your crowd is playful, provide some costumes and props to make the event more engaging and let them share. Also, why not  choose the best photo and give them a prize.

5) Communication

Enable real-time chat between attendees and organisers. Surely there are a lot of questions that your guests would like to ask and know more information about. Worksup as a powerful event interaction and networking app makes that part easier again. Encourage your audience to organise meet-ups and  to  share similar interests with other  like-minded people in the  Worksup app. 

Attendees can chat directly with  the organisers in the conference app, for instance, if your guests would like to share ideas about the event management or if they have other requests during the event. So, if they say the room is too cold or dark, you can easily solve these kind of  problems on location. Also, Worksup mobile event app enables you to share a live link if you wish to share the live results e.g. to an intranet or social network to be followed in real time.

event app, networking


6) Networking at the event

Networking is becoming more and more important for the event professionals industry. Interactive mobile event apps are already an essential tool for speakers, organisers, suppliers and attendees around the world, so choose the best one in the market. Furthermore, as mentioned above, if you enable networking feature, your guests can create profiles and organise all hands on meetings and share ideas with each other. 

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 Interactive events through networking