LinkedIN vs “Business Tinder” networking app –  which one is better?

 Over 50 million users use Tinder as a relationship networking app, which is a good indicator of how most of the people would like to initiate new connections today. Most likely f you ask an average millennial how much they like real life networking, they probably don’t feel thrilled about it. Millennials often find it difficult, uncomfortable, and lacking confidence to do it.

LinkedIN has a limit

LinkedIn has made it possible to be able to know the person’s background, skills and history before we even say hello. However, the missing part in LinkedIn, is the ability to discover new connections in an approachable manner. LinkedIn is designed to connect with the  people that you have likely already met or talked to. Any other connection with someone you do not know can feel rather awkward, or may make the person think you will try to sell them something.

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However, during a networking event you’re likely going to be in the situation, where you have little information about who’s in the room and why they are there. Therefore,  there’s no guarantee that they will be able to connect with someone in the industry or at a company they are seeking. So, how you can create useful connections and benefit from that for your business? 

Hello Worksup event app

As we mentioned before, people have changed, where millennials want everything as comfortable and online as possible.

Worksup is an interaction and business networking app, that takes a new approach to professional networking. Using a smart algorithm, people can find their perfect “business match” by choosing interests they seek and offer. Much like the popular dating app, Tinder,  they can see their matches and decide if they would like to connect with their match.

Worksup app, profile view

Networking during the events 

What is great about mobile event apps is that if you use it for one unique event, you most probably will get the leads you actually need. As Tinder or other “Business Tinder’s”, it can get frustrating when you don’t find your perfect match as easily as you hoped for. But if you use networking and interaction app like Worksup before, during and after the event, you probably win more than just swiping left and right with other similar apps. For example, if you are managing a network event,  then it is much easier to make people connect before the event and reconnect again during the event. 

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“Our goal at Worksup is to make networking so seamless and inspiring that it becomes a lifestyle,” says Endrik Randoja, the founder of Worksup.

Worksup event app is focused on being a professional networking app in a professional environment. Conference could give them further ideas and topics to discuss, not to mention, the chance to see each other in real life, thus, there is a bigger chance they can benefit from their meeting also after the meeting. 

Worksup’s goal is not to get your business cards into the hands of as many people as possible. Our goal is to spark mutually beneficial conversations that evolve into long-term business relationships, says Randoja. 

6 Ways to save time at the team meeting with Worksup

 Meetings can go well or be totally pointless with now real value or outcome. The bigger the meeting, the bigger the risk of not reaching your goals. Worksup team brainstormed some insights for you to organise better meetings with little help from Worksup conference app.

1) Hear out your team

Carried out by executive leadership coaches That People Thing, the nationwide study of 668 senior staffers found that, on average, just only 44% of time in meetings is productively spent, with productivity at risk as attendees veer off topic.

If this is something that also concerns your team, then one option is to let your team have a say in the next meetings’ agenda. This is not only for saving time, but also reducing the risk of concentrating on topics which won’t give much value to the meeting. Your team knows probably the best what is going on with their work and what topics are more important to talk about.


  • Put down the topics you usually discuss during your meetings and let your team to vote for the best option. Also leave out one choice for them to answer.

Worksup mobile event app, Polls view

2) The right answer

To be sure if everyone understands the same, you could run a simple poll and then make a decision from there. For instance, before the meeting you can prepare several polls with a mobile event app and during a meeting, your team can vote on the right option. Team leader can show the results on the screen and see if there is any lack of an agreement.

This  helps to ensure that everyone in your team is on the same page, which allows them to do their job more effectively.


  • Create a poll
  • Allow enough time for everyone to send their answer
  • Once they have voted, show them the results
  • Comment on the correct answer and explain unclear topics

3) Brainstorming done effectively

Brainstorming meetings are essential to launch a new project or improve existing frameworks. Usually the real challenge is identifying the best ideas that should be considered for the project. 

To make brainstorming more effective, interaction app Worksup helps to collect ideas before the meeting. You can easily create a text task, where people can write down their thoughts and later see the the most mentioned ideas from the word cloud. This way, they bring more ideas to the discussion and it speeds up the whole brainstorming process.

In the meeting, you can also create polls from the best ideas and encourage people to upvote the ones they like the most. Team can decide which is the best idea and what could the be the next steps and obstacles.

Text task & Word cloud:

  • Create a text task or poll where people can write down their ideas.
  • Share the link and let them upvote the best ideas before the meeting
  • During the meeting,  display the most upvoted ideas on the screen.

Worksup mobile event app, Word Cloud


  • Discuss possible obstacles what this idea can bring. 
  • Create a poll beforehand and show the results during the meeting.
  • After the meeting, export the results for further analysis.

4) Quick decisions on the site

During the meetings can happen that the team has to make quick decisions on the spot. But people are different, so are their opinions, thus it can be often complicated to reach an agreement.

Instead of going into deep conversations, it could be a lot easier to do anonymous voting. You can create a poll, let the team members vote and get your answer just in few seconds.


  • Create a multiple-choice poll with several possible options
  • Allow enough time for everyone to send their vote
  • Once the votes are in, show the results
  • Comment on them and take further action

5) Include your digital nomads into the discussion

There isn’t probably a meeting where there is a team member from another city or from another country. With Worksup there isn’t a problem to engage them into discussion if they are not in the meeting room.

Share the link:

  • Share the Event ID or link
  • Invite them to join the voting session
  • Display the results on screen so it’s easier for everyone to follow the discussion

6) Check if your team is satisfied

To get information if your team motivated, one of the most effective ways is to create a satisfactory poll.

After the votes are collected, team leader shares the results in a meeting and gives comments on which areas scored well and which need to be improved.

This 3-min employee survey allows the team to reveal matters before they become a problem and take necessary steps to improve people’s well-being at work.


  • Create a survey poll
  • Share the link with the team
  • Collect the answers
  • Present the results at the meeting and provide comments if needed

Event interaction app feature comparison

Event interaction and networking apps are getting more popular each year. Tech-savvy attendees expect to use mobile event apps at the events and conferences, to check the agenda and use various interaction tools like Q&A, tasks or networking features. Conference apps help you to deliver a personalised experience at scale, but there are many apps out there which are offering large range of features, so how do you choose the best event interaction and networking app available? Here is the list of the five event apps with 10 key functions what an event interaction app should have:

Conference breaks down usually to two essentials for participants: speakers and networking. So, the best event apps should provide mostly the opportunity to see the agenda, bookmark the sessions, read details about the speakers and network online with other like minded attendees. In the following we will explore all the features separately:


Comprehensive agenda is necessary for the participants access to the latest event schedule at their fingertips. In order to avoid agenda printouts, create the agenda easily in the app. Thus, choose an app which already has an agenda feature to avoid the hassle to use separate apps or web browsers. Three event apps out of five like MeetAppPigeonhole and Worksup have agenda features. Event apps Slido and Mentimeter do not  provide agenda function.

best event appEvent Agenda, event app Worksup


Q&A sessions helps to boost the audience engagement by displaying the top questions live during the speaker session. To organise a successful conference, it’s important that  your participants’ voices will be heard. From comparison table, all the five event and conference apps have a Q&A feature, but they don’t offer similar functions. 

For instance, with Mentimeter and MeetApp, you can’t upvote each others questions.  Event apps Worksup, Slido and Pigeonhole provide possibility to upvote the questions, which is a great opportunity for the organiser to see what questions actually matter to the audience.

best event app Q&A, Worksup

Live polls

Live polls able the participants to vote on predefined answers using their device web browser or app. Results are usually shown in real-time on the screen as a bar or pie chart. All 5 apps provide possibility to create polls but are very different visually. To be effective also on the screen, the bar or pie chart should have a resolution fit to the particular screen. For example, event app Worksup enables to modify the text size of the bar or pie diagram and create loop slides and adjust the timing.

best event appLive Polls, Worksup

Text tasks & Word cloud

Text tasks able the organiser to gather participant views with an open text. This is excellent for group work answers. To sum up the session gathered answers can be summarised with a word cloud. Word clouds are usually in the shape of the cloud, presenting the most popular words used during the session. All of the five apps named above provide  the function, although every app is in a different shape or colour. For instance, live polling app Slido and Mentimeter generate colourful clouds, Worksup, Piegonhole and Meetapp provide rather dynamic and clean look of the word cloud.

best event app, event app, conference appWord Cloud, Worksup

Image tasks

From all of the five event apps only Worksup and Mentimeter provide image tasks feature. Image tasks help the attendees to interact visually and show their creativity. For instance, with an image tasks you can allow your participants to draw a picture first and then make a photo and then send it to the application. Later organiser can share them on the screen or social media with other fans. Image tasks is one of the fun ways to break the ice between the participants. For example, Worksup event app enables to play images as a slide loop.

best event appImage tasks, Worksup


Rating ables the audience to rate the most valued presentations; a quick way of getting useful feedback.  Event apps Mentimeter and Worksup provide presentation rating possibility but there is a variety between them. For instance, with Mentimeter, audience can rate statements and topics on a scale. With an interaction app Worksup, participants can rate the speakers and topics directly in the agenda feature, which immediately gives an insight which topic and speaker is the most popular.

Rating, Worksup

Sharing & Downloading

Sharing & downloading lets you export the results from your presentation. All the named event apps above provide sharing and downloading features. With mobile event apps Slido, MeetApp and Pigeonhole, for instance, provide ability to share your presentation to social media or other integrations. Event app Mentimeter enables you to download with Excel, however, you cannot share the presentation to social media. Worksup event app enables organisers to copy and share live links with poll results, text results and word cloud or image task to social media or other platforms. Whoever gets the Worksup link can follow task results in real time. In addition, you can download and share .png graphics for an event summary, PR article or other online and offline channels.

 Share & Download, Worksup


From all of the five event apps, only MeetApp and Worksup are also the social networking apps. Participants can grow a valuable network of fellow attendees and leave your meeting with plenty of new and fascinating contacts.  In today’s world, where it matters whom you know, this feature can be considered as one of the most useful features of the conference app. In the event app Worksup the participants can build a personal profile with what are they offering and seeking in the context of particular event. This enables event app Worksup to matchmake attendees according to their interest. MeetApp provides adding your contact information, view other event participants and save new contacts to your phone.

best event app  Event networking app Worksup

Downloading the app vs Web browser

Event apps Slido, Pigeonhole, Mentimeter and Worksup do not need downloading, you can use the event app straight in your web browser. MeetApp needs to be downloaded and installed in your phone. Thus, there are two arguments on this matter. When you have frequent guests, who attend regularly at your seminars or events, it might be useful to download the app from the application store, however, much safer and quicker way is to let your attendees to save their time installing the app and use a web browser within a phone. 

Event branding  

Event branding – short term effort, but long term value. When you’re lost planning every minute detail for your event, chances are you could overlook the most important aspect of all – building a powerful brand that speaks directly to your attendees.To brand your event is to inject the personality of your company through a visual medium. Thus, this can be actually one fo the most important features of them all. From the five apps named above; MeetApp, Pigeonhole and Worksup provide event branding. With these three apps you can build brand awareness with your logo, colours and content. 

Event branding, mobile event app Worksup

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How to make the most out of Q&A and live polls platform

Q&A and polls platform is one of those tools that help you pull the audience into your event and let them co-create it in real-time participation. In this article we evaluate the best tips and examples how you can get the most of Q&A and polls platform from the Worksup event app.

While the tasks in Worksup interactive mobile event app are easy to use, you need to think a bit in advance about how to incorporate Q&A and polls platform into the structure of your event. Here are simple tips how you can use  Q&A platform:

Technical equipment and requirements

Q&A platforms are the most efficient when questions are displayed live on the wall or on the screen. We have personally noticed in our events that audience feels more encouraged to submit and like more questions when they see them on the big screen. Also, make sure you have fully working computer with the Internet connection where you can moderate questions, a projector for presentation and a screen or a clean wall where you can present the questions.

event app, mobile event appQ&A with upvotes, Worksup event app

Let your guests know

Including the technical requirements, do not forget to inform your audience about wifi and how they can login and use the event app (simple user guide slide). Also, why not give them a warm up exercises like a simple poll or task like “make a fun selfie,” so they could get use to using the conference app. 

Remind your guests repeatedly throughout the event that they can ask questions, vote in polls and  rate speakers to enjoy fully the potential of event engagement system Worksup. Inform your guests few weeks before the event about the login requirements and send them event ID.  Also, do not forget to ask questions about the topics beforehand, so you would discuss the most relevant information at the event.


During the event moderators can choose the best questions into discussion and steer the conversation in the direction that participants want it to go, so keep an eye on valuable questions, also the most liked question from the audience. Also, you have probably noticed that after the presentation the speaker usually asks if anybody has some questions, which sometimes can lead to awkward silence or the speaker can face a lot of questions in a short time slot. Worksup platform helps you to pick the most favourite questions and topics before the Q&A session starts, so you can easily address them during the event and save time when needed. Also, let them know that you would like to have feedback on how they liked the pitch. For example, they can rate a speaker directly or you can create a feedback survey based on a poll feature.

Inform moderators and technical team

Moderators have really important role of successful Q&A and audience polling. Inform them how you would like the Q&A and poll sessions happen. Ask them to introduce Worksup platform, inform them how and where participants can join in and encourage them to call to action. Also, do not forget to provide technical equipment like a tablet where they can easily operate the Q&A and poll sessions. Inform moderators, speakers and  technical team about how and when Worksup will be used at the event.

event app, business tinder, q&a app, polling appModerator at the event

Creative tips

Also, why not to use Google glasses for even better results for an audience interaction.

Well, even if Saturday Night Live did a hilarious sketch that made fun of how awkward and strange the glasses seem, we still cannot  dismiss the fact that these glasses are  highly effective when you like to use a wearable computer that projects efficiently  information on a display viewable with an upward glance. 

This is one way how to seem even more prepared and interesting for the audience. For instance, Sergey Brin had crafted his Google Glass TED talk to explain the ways that such devices might change our lives and how it can be effectively used in different ways. With Google Glass you can enable hands-free slideshow control, you can do hands-free translation of your signage and directions and poster presentations, the possibilities with this gadget are probably endless. Watch video here.

event appGoogle glass demonstration, TED talks