Speakers: 5 Tips for Presenting like Steve Jobs

A great conference can change the World or at least give something valuable back to the audience. For example, after Jobs’ presentations, thousands waited outside the store for days just to get the latest iphone on their hands. So what can you learn from this public speaking guru to make an impact on your next presentation?

1) Story is the key

There is no successful presentation without a strong story. People are captured by your story not only by powerpoint slides. When writing a story, think 3 key points you want your audience to remember when they leave the conference. The rule of three  implies that people can remember only 3 things at the same time. Make sure your audience has an easy access to the presentation and share the link through an event app like Worksup.

2) Practice practice practice

The smoother the presentation looks like, the more practicing it required. Steve Jobs rehearsed for hours, even days to deliver his speech. You need to rehearse the presentation to the extent that you won’t need the notes.

To know how you did and how you could improve your speech for the next event, then don’t be shy and ask directly from your audience. For this you can use interaction app Worksup and create a simple live poll for feedback or they can rate your speech directly in the event app. 

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3) Grab data with attention

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod, he did not emphasise its 5GB storage and small weight, instead he constantly showed that it can fit into his pocket.  He did it because he wanted the audience to understand its tiny size, not how much are the product technical measurements.

To grab your audience’s mind with data, show data you got from the audience not only from your research. To make an impact on your attendees, ask them intriguing questions and later show them visually on the screen. Learn how to do this with mobile event app Worksup.

4) Simplify your slides

Make your slides as simple as possible and try to present only one topic per slide. Show the slide for 10-15 seconds before you start talking about it.

For instance, when Steve Jobs described iPod Shuffle, Steve Jobs used a simple analogy: “The iPod Shuffle is smaller and lighter than a pack of gum.” Also, make your slides available to see for your audience. As mentioned before, you could easily add the link to the event app’s agenda, where all the attendees can later see the presentation and rate it. You can see how it works here.

Start a discussion

Constantly remind them that for questions they can use an event app, for instance like mobile event app Worksup, where you choose the most upvoted questions and later answer them in front of your public.

If you have a large audience in front of you, use live polls to get the opinion from every one of them and make them feel a part of your story.