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Team Motivation

Inform and provide activities to bring the team closer together. Involve and get feedback to make well informed management and HR-decisions. Have fun with competitions and creative tasks.

Featured: authenticated access

Be a virtual bouncer!

Make sure only those who are meant to be at the event can join the fun by choosing between various authenticated entrance gate options.

  • Grant access to welcomed attendees only
  • Unique entrance by email, eID or ticket gate
  • Upload a registration list for pre-filled profiles

Featured: video room

Create break out sessions!

Video room is a good solution for organizing webinars, workshops, trainings, roundtables or demos, allowing up to 100 participants to join!

  • Create break out groups
  • Privileged rights for room hosts
  • Interactive chat with emoji reactions

Featured: group chat

Include others to make your chat more fun!

Group chat in networking can help your participants communicate with each other, share opinions, and discuss products and services of common interest without having to do it separately.

  • Discuss common interests
  • Include other participants
  • Make a joint video meeting

How to boost your team morale with the help of virtual tools?

Bring the company together!

Allow live streaming and motivating sessions across timezones or let them join from their home offices.

Make the educational content more exciting with gamifications

Use polls to vote on the best employee, have a Q&A session with the CEO or create a quiz to have competitions and share awards.

Raise the team spirit with video rooms

Allow the teams to work together in separate breakout rooms by giving them tasks to solve, that can later be shared with everyone else.

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