Why do most of the startup presentations lack “the power” and what to do about it?

Startup presentations events have became hugely popular. Startups go to events because they wish to get feedback, to find a team and to find investments. However, when they are finally in front of the audience to pitch their great ideas, most of them fail to meet their goal.

As the events are packed with people it is hard to get feedback and to meet right people. This makes attracting great ideas, talented team members and investment difficult. Interaction tools enable startups to gather real time feedback and support to back their idea. Startups can become much more proactive and can be much easier to find with a little help from technology.

Here are 4 simple ideas how event managers can do this with an audience interaction and networking event app Worksup, while at the same time, making their events more engaging and exciting also for the audience.

1) Real-time questions from the audience

With an event app Worksup you can send questions and see most upvoted questions to learn what interested the audience the most. Based on relevant questions, speaker can go into more detail and get people excited about the idea.

Worksup mobile event app used by Lifehax event in Rumenia

2) Rating startup presentations

Let everyone rate how they liked the pitch and help startups to figure out which pitch was the most interesting to them, so they can contact them later. 

3) Colorful live polling app

Before announcing the official winners, let the audience vote which startup they liked the most. You can also have votes to find the audience favorites in every category.

Worksup event app, poll view

4) Event networking

Networking breaks between or after the pitching sessions are a great chance for the presenters to meet with the potential investors or other like-minded people. With interactive mobile event app Worksup it is easy to bring together people with same interests.  

Startups come to events with great expectations. Using event interaction and networking app provides an easy tool to help startups meet their goals at the events.

Learn about more Worksup features here.

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