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Interactive and immersive events

Today we make virtual events more useful and interesting for the audiences with an interaction and networking tool. Tomorrow we’ll support organizers with a virtual conference organizer (VCO) full service.

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Engage your remote participants - no matter if you are organizing a traditional, hybrid or virtual event.

Attract participants who cannot be on site and thus, widen your audience


Host better Q&A sessions

Involve your audience in the conversation and also give them the power to choose which questions get asked.


Learn opinions with live polls

Make your events more interactive, and besides, visually engaging by polling your attendees in real time.


Encourage more networking

Equip your audience with a conversation tool, so they can easily communicate with each other. 

Some words about Worksup

Worksup is all you need… seriously. Do you know all that overhead for an event? Just GONE. I can’t even imagine doing another event without it.

Mart Kuus • Company Inc

This app really helped us to understand everything that we needed before the event started. Just… thank you!

Brian Smith • Enterprise Inc

We have done many events in the past. We always stumbled upon the same issues, but we just took it as the industry standards. We never thought that we actually would be able…

Joana Marton • Enterprise Inc