Event interaction and networking app for conferences, trainings and workshops

Proudly made in 🇪🇪 with ❤️ 

Proudly made in 🇪🇪 with ❤️



Brand the app following your event's identity and market your event.

Name your event and give it an unique Event ID

Choose a background color that supports event identity

Use an event logo or any picture for further branding

Responsive design works on every phone, tablet and computer


Creatively present your agenda and other info about the event.

Upload the programme and add photos of the speakers

Users can customise the programme by favouriting presentations. Parallel sessions are highlighted

Info section allows to add useful information and links

Get quick feedback by optionally enabling rating


Involve audience by enabling Q&A and upvoting questions posted by other attendees.

Get audience involved with Q&A and comments

Enable audience to upvote comments posted by other attendees

Moderate received questions and comments. Present questions on the screen as a background for a discussion


Browse participants and arrange meetings.

Create a profile

Browse and find participants of your interest

Propose meetings

Accept meetings, chat and meet!


Engage attendees with polls - present results effectively in real time.

Organise single and multiple choice polls

Present results in real time

Choose pie or bar diagrams

Text tasks

Give audience text tasks either individually or in groups and project the results for discussion.

Ask audience open end questions (optionally anonymous)

Organise group work and present results in real time, group by group

Present answers one by one or all as a slide loop

Image tasks

Unleash the creativity of the attendees with picture tasks. Great for icebreakers.

Treat your audience with a creative challenge!

Present results one by one or as a slide loop


There is still plenty to discover and expect more in the future!

Enable chat between attendees and organisers

Allow communication in both directions by permitting attendees to contact the organisers via app. Organisers can reply individually. Venue too hot? Too cold? All can be solved in real time.

Share task results with outsiders as a graphic file or live presentation link

Share live link of poll or task results to any outside media. Anyone with the link can follow polls and tasks live. Download picture file for event report, social media or other.

One-click pdf event summary or xls data file for later work

Download xls file of answers for custom analysis. Download pdf file for answers together with graphics for event report.

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With an event ID of your choice, participants can use any device with a web browser to join. Be it mobile for an all-around fit or desktop for intensive work type of events - we have you covered. Try it in action right now!

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