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Easy and Flexible Event Platform

Suitable for virtual, hybrid and onsite formats.

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Worksup is easy to use for the attendees and easy to set up by the organisers. Standard solution covers most of the event needs and can be set up in minutes, while you can tailor the platform by flexibly adding options you need. Watch the video or read on to learn more. 

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Easy to set up

Set your event up in minutes in an easy-to-use administration portal.

Easy to change

Manage your event, participants, communication and engagement all through the admin access. Adjust the event according to need whenever you want.

Easy to navigate

Give your audience an event app with a sleek design and without any excess features or design. Just what you and your guests need.


Flexible to build up

Build your unique event platform by using (and paying for) only the features you need.

Flexible to format

Choose your event format or change it in the last minute if you need. Worksup works for onsite, virtual and hybrid formats.

Flexible for the audience

Let you audience choose how they wish to benefit from the platform: using it onsite or remotely, for interacting with the stage of fellow participants, browsing the expo or presentations on demand.

Virtual, hybrid and onsite formats

Provide synchronized solutions for different audiences:
– Use Worksup both onsite or online.
– Give an equal experience with the plaform.
– Designed to suite both desktop and mobile.