Experiences that prove mobile event apps are changing the event industry

A study from Enterprise Event Marketing found that the use of mobile event apps can create a 20 percent increase in event attendance while reducing costs by 30 percent. However, numerous studies also indicate that one of the biggest reasons event managers don’t use new technologies is because of costs. However, experiences prove that event apps are actually benefiting the event industry.

Timing is everything

Apps have become so common that people don’t even realize how much time they spend using them. According to the Crowdcompass, Mobile Apps for Events: Now its Personal, 85% of time-spent on smartphones is using apps. “We are seeing a trend that creates a system to deliver targeted results,” says Endrik Randoja, founder of interaction and event networking app Worksup. He is talking about online tools that allow communications between attendees, event organisers and speakers.

polling app, live pollsEndrik Randoja, founder of Worksup

Who you know matters

LifeHax is a community of novice and experienced life hackers, hosting interactive conferences tackling all basic life hacking topics: diet, lifestyle, body, mindfulness, productivity, life goal setting and others. Victor Georgescu, founder of LifeHax says, “Worksup is a perfect event app to help engage participants and create awesome conversations between them and speakers from the stage. Real time communication, simple and elegant design, but most of all: ease of use and access.” Therefore, technology like Worksup allows planners and audiences to connect with interest groups, conduct private chats, network and view profiles of attendees they didn’t know before the meeting.

LifeHax event using an event app Worksup 

New methods for company trainings

Besides corporation events, company trainings have also taken a rise of using mobile interaction apps. For instance, successful startup company Pipedrive, which is a cloud-based sales software company, uses Worksup mostly for company trainings and in-house events. Liina Vahtras, who is ahead of the communications in Pipedrive, says, “Worksup has helped us to encourage employee engagement across all of our locations on different continents and inspire discussions across teams.” Using an interaction and networking app for company training, may actually be the most effective way to help employees learn and retain information.

The end of paper

It’s not surprising that mobile event apps adoption continues to rise, and in 2018, we have seen that apps continue to replace everything on paper. 

Randoja says: “We started using apps for all of our events:  No paper agendas and surveys, everything is as digital as possible. That way everybody has only a phone in their hands, which encourages them to interact and network with others.” Using an event app during the events, he says, makes everything a lot more convenient and cost effective, whereas this was one of the biggest motives we started to develop this application. 

Swedbank, which is one of the biggest banks in a Nordic-Baltic area, agrees, “Slick device to have the agenda and event details in every attendees pocket.”

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Why do most of the startup presentations lack “the power” and what to do about it?

Startup presentations events have became hugely popular. Startups go to events because they wish to get feedback, to find a team and to find investments. However, when they are finally in front of the audience to pitch their great ideas, most of them fail to meet their goal.

As the events are packed with people it is hard to get feedback and to meet right people. This makes attracting great ideas, talented team members and investment difficult. Interaction tools enable startups to gather real time feedback and support to back their idea. Startups can become much more proactive and can be much easier to find with a little help from technology.

Here are 4 simple ideas how event managers can do this with an audience interaction and networking event app Worksup, while at the same time, making their events more engaging and exciting also for the audience.

1) Real-time questions from the audience

With an event app Worksup you can send questions and see most upvoted questions to learn what interested the audience the most. Based on relevant questions, speaker can go into more detail and get people excited about the idea.

Worksup mobile event app used by Lifehax event in Rumenia

2) Rating startup presentations

Let everyone rate how they liked the pitch and help startups to figure out which pitch was the most interesting to them, so they can contact them later. 

3) Colorful live polling app

Before announcing the official winners, let the audience vote which startup they liked the most. You can also have votes to find the audience favorites in every category.

Worksup event app, poll view

4) Event networking

Networking breaks between or after the pitching sessions are a great chance for the presenters to meet with the potential investors or other like-minded people. With interactive mobile event app Worksup it is easy to bring together people with same interests.  

Startups come to events with great expectations. Using event interaction and networking app provides an easy tool to help startups meet their goals at the events.

Learn about more Worksup features here.

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How a startup helps introverts to become extroverts

During events, after the speaker finishes a presentation, the moderator takes over and asks the audience, “Are there any questions?” Suddenly, there is a quiet moment in the room when nobody speaks. Usually, in these particular cases, the moderator continues with ones own questions. Thus, sometimes, the lack of questions from the audience can be the biggest barrier when looking to create an audience interaction.

The story of Worksup interaction and networking app

Confent-EXEX company whose main task is to organise client conferences, saw an opportunity to develop an events interaction and networking app Worksup to bring a new era to the interaction concept. With 20 years of experience in organising events, Endrik Randoja, founder of Worksup, believes that interaction tools are an essential part of the conferences. He says that interaction tools help the audience not only to engage and learn more about the content, but also feel more confident to interact with others. Also, interaction app gives confidence to those who speak foreign language at the international conferences.

Endrik Randoja, CEO of Confent EXEX and Worksup

But this is not all, says Randoja, it is also important to think about the other areas of interaction. Thus, we have created a mobile event app which not only enables the audience to ask questions anonymously, but also provides an opportunity to solve tasks and network with other attendees.

Event organiser´s job is to encourage attendees to participate, yet it always seems to be easier said than done. So, the question that remains is, why are people often too shy to ask or answer questions or network directly with other attendees?

best-event-appsWorksup allows asking Q& A questions anonymously

Fear of public speaking 

One of the biggest fear is to be in a centre of attention and not being able to excel at performing. Back in school days, when we had to show our skills in front of the class, it was probably not the most convenient time for many. This fear might be present also in  adulthood. According to Forbes, only about 10 percent of the population enjoys public speaking, another 10 percent are absolutely terrified and about 80 percent of the people feel anxious being at centre of attention.

Mobile event app

Hence, this is a good indicator that people might need extra tools like mobile event apps for conferences to feel encouraged to interact. One of the best feedbacks for us is when we hear from our clients that Worksup mobile event app allowed them to be heard or noticed without speaking directly at first. For instance, event app Worksup also allows attendees to seek like-minded people, communicate and set up meetings before they have even met the person.


Therefore, event apps at these events has become a powerful tool for many because everybody has a chance to participate – introverts and extroverts.

Worksup as a mobile event app mission is to help people to be more interactive with others. Interaction tools are handy and standing up and speaking out in front of the crowd out is no longer the only option to get your voice heard.

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Digital event management during the Estonian Presidency

During previous presidencies, there has been no particular solution for informal meetings, all the digital gateways have been created separately. Estonians took the lead and created the Presidency Portal for the Estonian Presidency. The portal used for Estonian Presidency events, called the Presidency Gateway, offers wide range of web-based solutions like document depository, agenda, logistical management system and digital tools for making group tasks and live polls during the presidency events.

However, in practice, experienced conference organisers noticed that there are additional solutions to create more efficient audience interaction and networking possibilities during the Estonian Presidency conferences.

Unique event interaction and networking app

Confent, who was organising the Manufuture 2017 conference for the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, offered a unique digital audience engagement system for event interaction and networking, called Worksup. This easy to use web-based application includes an overview of each speaker and topic, as well as the possibility to carry out interactive polls, group work, tasks and Q&A, including networking and matchmaking possibilities among the participants.The importance of instant event feedback that reflects how attendees are feeling while they’re still in-session, in-the-moment or on-site, is definitely more proactive than asking them to fill out something later or on paper. Today, we can say that Worksup has become an important tool for digital event management.

Worksup mobile event app was used during the Estonian Presidency conferences

Manufuture 2017

Manufuture 2017 conference brought together over 600 Leading representatives from industry and academia as well as political figures from all over Europe. This international conference had an aim of imaging the future of European industry and technological developments towards the year 2030. It was definitely one of the most influential events happening during the Estonian Presidency. Worksup allowed hundreds of attendees to discuss topics and questions with the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid and politicians about how production technologies are changing Europe’s industrial landscape.

The outcome from the discussions, Q&A sessions and tasks was phenomenal, for instance,  the later reports showed that the audience was the most interested in the discussions of how global competition is higher than ever before and how the future of Europe’s industry will depend on its ability to continuously adapt and innovate. Not to mention, the participants were eager to know how the Estonian President Kaljulaid will prioritise her authority during the presidency.

Digitalisation and security

For example, During the Estonian presidency, Worksup event app was also used for The Future of Work: Making It e-Easy conference, which brought together social partners, academics and others to discuss strategic readiness and opportunities offered by digitalisation and automation.

Second important event about digitalisation during the Estonian Presidency was “SmartEST Taxation” conference, where the main topics were mostly about how to create smart, contemporary and secure electronic services for informed clients today and in the future.

Third digitalisation event, called the ’Futur-e-Justice’, Worksup  event app was used to discuss the challenges that we face today in the employment and digital single market, including an interactive e-justice idea hackathon where e-justice and IT professionals explored innovative digital solutions in the area of e-justice.

 Worksup mobile event app was used during the Estonian Presidency 


So, when we think about the importance of the Estonian Presidency events, we notice that there is an increasingly important role for not only digitalisation but also data collection and protection. This year, 20th of March in 2018, the The grandEST ICT security conference takes digitalisation topic even further,  discussing ICT (Information and communication technology) security news from leadership, public sector and technology perspectives. You can find more information here.

Therefore, taking the example of these issues, this conference app has taken the role of collecting information from the events, while offering more value for the audience to engage with the speakers and topics which actually matter to them. Thus, digitalisation takes place in almost every area of life, without this, we are faced with a lack of information on vital issues. Estonia offers for its citizens and the rest of the world both protection and new opportunities.    

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10 amazing savvy-technology facts about Estonia

Worksup event platform is a startup company from Estonia, the land of tech-savvy experts and specialists. 

Today is Independence Day here in Estonia so to celebrate we wanted to share our top ten facts about technological achievements in Estonia. Happy 100th birthday Estonia!

1# Estonia invented Skype!

This is something that probably every Estonian says when they’ll meet somebody from outside of Estonia.

In 2003, Skype was a small startup company in Estonia. Today this company has grown to a global business with over 300 million users.  Even though if Skype is now owned by Microsoft, it still has offices around Tallinn.

estonia, startupsSkype office

2# Estonia has one of the world’s best internet connections!

Could you imagine having internet connection while you are hiking in the forest? Well, in Estonia it’s possible and not only that, you could even get 4g in the forest! Estonia has one of the world’s fastest internet speeds and you’re never far from free public WiFi.

 Forest in Estonia

3# Estonia has more startups per person than Silicon Valley!

Like Worksup app, there are many other startups who started from here. Estonia holds the world record for startups per person and it’s certainly outpacing the rest of Europe,  also one amazing fact is that we have only 1.3 million people! The hashtag #estonianmafia was coined by US venture capitalist David McClure in 2011 after having witnessed that among the 20 finalists in the British entrepreneur monitoring programme Seedcamp there were no less than four strong teams from Estonia.

Silcon Valley 

4# Founding your own company in Estonia takes only 5 minutes!

Yes you heard it right – it takes only 5 minutes. You don’t even have to go anywhere, just set it up online using an electronic ID-card.  Also, starting a company here is cheap too, you don’t need thousands of euros or loan money from bank.

5# Anyone, even you, can be e-resident here!

 E-residency ID-card

Yes! Estonia provides the best e-residencey services in the world.

For example, most digital residents are now running businesses in Estonia,where number of business leaders have already tried it too.  You can apply here.

6# Estonia is the world’s most advanced digital society!

Today, Estonia is hailed as the world’s most advanced digital society.  Everyone here gets an ID card, which means you can also use for digital signatures. So, imagine having a vacation in Bali and you suddenly need to sign a document and send it to your business partner ? Should you fly back or just plug your ID-card into your computer ? Second choice seems a lot nicer for-sure.  Whether we’re filing tax returns, booking train tickets or choosing our leaders, our ID cards are secure and easy to use.

This secure system also explains why Estonia was the first country in the world to hold its elections online.

Find out more at e-estonia.com.

7# Digital event management revolution during the Estonian Presidency!

Not to mention, Estonians took the lead and created the Presidency Portal for the Estonian Presidency and for the future presidency events in other countries. The portal used for Estonian Presidency events, called the Presidency Gateway, offered wide range of web-based solutions like document depository, agenda, logistical management system and digital tools for making group tasks and polls during the presidency events. Even Worksup conference event platform had a part in this!  Event app was used as an additional solution to make audience interaction and networking more efficient during the Estonian Presidency conferences. Worksup interactive event platform was used at the Manufuture 2017 conference,  The Future of Work: Making It e-Easy conference, SmartEST Taxation, Futur-e-Justice and many more. 

Worksup was used during the Estonian Presidency events

8# E-government – fast track to important information!

When Estonia regained independence from the USSR in 1991, the government at the time invested heavily in the introduction of information technology, believing it to be an economic motor for the country. Today, over 100 public services are available for use and 300 forms can be filled in online. Businesses can change their  file reports and addresses. People can pay fines online, book an appointment with a doctor, check the expiry date of their licences and many more.

9# Fastest country to fill out income tax return!

Already since 2000, income tax returns can be submitted electronically in Estonia, and what’s more, the system automatically calculates everything you need to know about your taxes. Like starting a company, it also takes up only 5 minutes or less. It is so convenient that 95 per cent of tax returns are submitted electronically.

10# Bank in your pocket!

Bank branches are gradually closing, because there simply is no need for them: 99 per cent of bank transfers are made electronically either on a mobile phone or a a computer. You just need your ID-card or Mobile- ID – its easy as that.

estonia, estonians, startups, tallinnTallinn in the winter

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