Benefits From A Virtual Event Solution: Enterprise Estonia Story

virtual event solution

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Holding an event is no small feat. Even the smallest, most local of gatherings require hours of preparation, dozens of people on stage and behind the scenes, and thousands of dollars in production costs. For many companies, however, “events” are now virtual products that customers can access at any time from anywhere — all without leaving their desks. With the right tools and technology, companies can now produce virtual events that are every bit as engaging and profitable as their physical counterparts.


Enterprise Estonia is a national foundation aimed to develop an Estonian economy. It provides companies with consultation services, practical training courses, and workshops. In addition, their export advisers help other companies to reach foreign markets successfully. Business events both in Estonia and in a target market are an essential part of these activities. It’s known, that physical events have been canceled globally since spring. Thus, Enterprise Estonia started to look for a virtual event solution to host in-person events to virtual. As a result of the platform research, Worksup has been chosen to enable online events with interaction and promotion tools.

a speaker at e-estonia virtual conference
Speaker at Innovating the Electronics Value Chain to Compete in a New World


Enterprise Estonia wanted to support Estonian electronics companies in attending the Electronica fair. The event was called “Innovating the Electronics Value Chain to Compete in a New World”  and it had to be hosted in Munich in 2020. However, they had to cancel the in-person event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

After that, they’ve got a challenge to find an alternative, efficient, and, most importantly, resultant virtual event solution to empower the electronics companies. Instead of becoming a part of some larger virtual event where the promoted companies could become unnoticed, Enterprise Estonia decided to organize their own well-targeted virtual event.


Together with Estonian Electronics companies, Enterprise Estonia organized a fast-paced event program. During the event, companies had a chance to pitch their solutions in a short time. Also, Meta Advisory did an excellent job onboarding the interested audience. 

Meanwhile, Worksup was responsible for the smooth event delivery, and interaction tools to involve the audience. Including networking opportunities between the participants, and a virtual expo area that showcased the electronics solutions. Although the deadlines were tight, Worksup team delivered the virtual platform well in time.

virtual expo on e-estonia event
Virtual Expo View on Worksup


The 2020 crisis has touched many businesses. At the same time, a lot of the Estonian Electronics companies experienced significant growth that year. Organizing such a high-level virtual events with excellent delivery has played a valuable role in it, for sure. Together with Worksup virtual event solution, Enterprise Estonia reached active audience involvement. 

Furthermore, the solution let the participating companies generate new business contacts and set up meetings in a virtual event format. Enterprise Estonia achieved their goal thanks to the viable content, Worksup’s event delivery support, and moreover, easy interaction between the audience and participating companies.

stage at e-estonia virtual event
Virtual Event Stage View on Worksup


From In-Person To Virtual Event In 3 Days: Telia’s Journey

virtual event

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Telia, the Nordic region’s largest telecommunications company and one of the largest in Europe, is so passionate about learning that it set out to create its own annual conference. From an in-person conference to a virtual event in just three days, we’ll share with you some of the valuable lessons we learned along the way.


Telia Estonia launched an initiative Digital Hub with the aim to become the most important annual technology and innovation event in Estonia. As the preparations started in spring at the same time as the coronavirus outburst, it was immediately decided to work simultaneously on traditional, hybrid, or virtual event scenarios. Team member, Worksup CEO, Endrik Randoja stated: “During this pandemic, it is essential to deliver the event in a format realistic at the particular time”. 

virtual stage of Telia event
Telia’s virtual event stage


As it happened the coronavirus curve took a sharp turn up just a week before the event date. Three days before the event it was decided not to accommodate any audience and engage participants remotely.

Instead of hosting guests at the event it was now necessary to deliver the virtual event 200% to remote participants. It was also essential to meet the expectations of partners who were an important part of the event with their solutions and offerings.


telia event representatives
Telia’s virtual event stage

As the event setup was designed from the scratch in a way that supports any given format, the change from a traditional event to a virtual event was rather seamless. From the content and program perspective, the presentations and discussions were already designed to be short and to the point with Worksup tool for interaction and Q&A.

The technical production required a slight change of emphasis from on-site sound amplification and lighting to additional camera arrangements. The expo was organized in a way that each exhibitor had reserved both traditional booth on-site and in parallel the virtual booth on virtual event platform Worksup. The only thing exhibitors needed to do was to concentrate their attention on the virtual platform.

Value Delivered

statistic of telia's event

With the virtual event becoming the main channel, an event platform rose to the spotlight. A modified version of Worksup was used to deliver the experience accustomed to the top technology event. Participants entered the platform with a personal link that also pre-filled their basic profile data, name, and organization.

speech at telia event
Telia’s virtual event speaker

Platform greeted guests with a custom design derived from Telia’s CVI, a three-stream broadcast, networking, and expo module. The enhanced analytics provided exhibitors with statistics they needed to pursue their goals and organizers with a clear understanding of participant behavior at the platform.